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Rosenberg is late again for the millionth time and we find out the reason why by his Twitter!

For Cotto’s loss against Pacquiao we try to make Puerto Ricans feel better, 50 Cent’s so disrespectul, Black Girl’s Court: Is Oprah good or bad? Do You Know Puerto Ricans Vegas Style, Chris Brown needs to shut up and we discuss some hygienic inventions for men.. like Fresh Balls and my Don’t Get Gassed Comedy Series is tonight, see you hoodlums there!

click here to listen and download

-Cipha Sounds

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8 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 11/17/09”

  1. Where’s zshare?

  2. zshare it ya jerk.

  3. thank you for finally using usershare

  4. i think majors comment was very funny.. thanks for the post

  5. can u guys please re-up the following show, hours 1 &2 , please?

    ‘Preciate It if you could

    Matt Amadeo

  6. lmao @ Major
    Usershare works on my Iphone just like zshare so i’m good.

    Black girl court was hilarious.

  7. fam. im just salty because the link times out 4 me here @ work.
    cant download… got no iphone…. barnacles.

  8. Im laughing that the posts that get the most comments are the ones when either some says something RACIAL, or Ciph is playing with somehting OTHER than zshare…

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