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It’s the weekend and the Yankee Parade’s goin down and it’s gonna be crazy in NYC.

Beyonce has finally showed Jay-Z some love, Mariah Carey talks about goin through abuse,Tracy Morgan came by again and makes sure that we know he’s still the same from around the way, he also helps Rosenberg with his girl and did Do You Know Jews, 50 cent calls into the show, Rihanna’s finally spoken up about the domestic violence she went through with Chris Brown on Good Morning America and we break down what she says and get some reactions from people and of course Showdown with Cipha Sounds!

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-Cipha Sounds

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4 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 11/6/09”

  1. Bring back Juan EP or more conversing on morning radio. The only reason I started listening to CiphRosen was because of Juan EP. I felt like that played a big part in your success on the radio. They play enough of the same songs over and over again with limited talk radio. The talk radio is what makes people more interested, so since you guys can’t do that in the morning at least bring back Juan EP. That made you guys hot and relevant. Z100, PLJ has non stop talk radio in the morning and that’s why their syndicated everywhere. They play a little Jay, Bey, Kanye, LadyGa, but Kevin Durant has a whole entire show of just conversing. When Hot 97 is on and they play the same freaking songs all day, I hate to say but I turn to the competition. I felt like Urban Radio is slipping or their just cheap to pay their jocks. Bring back Juan EP, or have more convo on morning radio. Don’t forget the little things that made yall hot.

  2. Kevin Durant.. or Elvis Duran, i only can find a b ball player named Kevin Durant lol.. thanks for up cipher

  3. Yo Ciph,
    I hope you heard this new song called “THE MCDONALDS SONG” by Dude N’ Nem. Joint. Is. FIRE. They got a video on youtube. Peep it, cuz I know you be getting them big mac joints.

  4. yo where is juan ep.

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