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Happy Halloween people! I’ve been tryin to figure out what my costume’s gonna be this year and I’ve decided to be a true Puerto Rican or Chris Brown.

The show was Halloween themed, ghost stories, urban legends, scary stuff the whole nine! First,Shani Kulture talks the truth about Michael Jackson, we got new Alicia Keys music, LET’S GO YANKEES We Gonna Win and we did last night yeah! Also talked about some homemade Halloween costume ideas, Do You Know Jews with Rob Zombie, scary close calls, the OG Snoop D.o double G gives us an idea of what happens around his crib durin Halloween, we interview the stars from the scary flick Paranormal Activity, discussed some urban legends and Rosenberg decides to try one of them and of course it’s time for Showdown with yours truly and I go up against Aisha Taylor!

Happy Halloween! To the ones comin out to the Promenade nightclub tomorrow, see yall at the FreakFest. Dress super sexy ladies! The sluttier the better!

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-Cipha Sounds

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4 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 10/30/09”

  1. can anyone tell a brother which “more fire mix” (it was back from like 05-06/2008 because ciph was talkin about summer jam tickets…) it was…it opened with the chick doin news about some “beef” T.I. had with somebody then it went to kanye/flashin lights; kidz in the hall/drivin down the block; ross/the boss; red cafe, fat joe, & jada/paper touchin….etc, etc….does anyone remember which one that was (the date of it so i can download the right one)…and if cipha’s reading this and it happens to be 5/3/08…the one that is not available at the moment, could you please re-up it on the blog dog, i’d greatly appreciate that….used to bump to that mix last summer like crazy til i got locked for a minute and lost it…..PEACE

  2. speaking of paranormal activities…y’all know about the radio show, coast to coast am???……

    my man, George Noory, is the freaking bomb son….very appropriate for All Soul’s Day son!…..

  3. Rico, you sound better when you sounded like Easy E.

    stop compensating for Carmen..

    Video Vato 4 Life essay.

  4. Bloody Mary worked.. they were captured by candyman.. its tha TRUTH!

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