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Sorry guys part of the show got messed up but don’t worry things will be back to normal tomorrow.

Rosenberg went to see Michael Jackson’s This Is It movie and we have his and some callers reviews, then our angry positive black man Shani Kulture spits the truth about it, Rick Ross’ kids don’t have health care, new 50 and Eminem, crazy subway stories, Serani came by and did Do You Know Jamaicans, since I am the comedy connect, I got Rob Stapleton to inform everyone about the Bad Boys of Comedy Halloween Weekend which I’m part of, there’s a new syndrome out called T.M.T.I and despite losin horribly in Game 1 last night, WE GONNA WIN! LET’S GO YANKEES!

click here to listen and download

-Cipha Sounds

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10 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 10/29/09”

  1. thanks 4 the up Ciph

  2. apparently Jafakins don’t know non-explicit.


    did my Easy E comment go too far?


  4. lol.. yeah his verse sounded different..

  5. 4 those who need that MOSDEF Blackthought EM -Cypher in mp3:

    • I sure wouldn’t give up too soon, it doesn’t cost athnying to wait. Then keep trying to contact someone, maybe leave a comment on the EntreCard Blog? Don’t complain, just ask for help without details.

  6. can anyone tell a brother which “more fire mix” (it was back from like 05-06/2008 because ciph was talkin about summer jam tickets…) it was…it opened with the chick doin news about some “beef” T.I. had with somebody then it went to kanye/flashin lights; kidz in the hall/drivin down the block; ross/the boss; red cafe, fat joe, & jada/paper touchin….etc, etc….does anyone remember which one that was (the date of it so i can download the right one)…and if cipha’s reading this and it happens to be 5/3/08…the one that is not available at the moment, could you please re-up it on the blog dog, i’d greatly appreciate that….used to bump to that mix last summer like crazy til i got locked for a minute and lost it…..PEACE

  7. Thanks for that download Major.
    Thanks Ciph

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