Cipha Sound's "make YOU laugh" lab…


Here we go yo. Here we go yo, so what’s the scenario??! We get racial that’s what!
We clear up classy women bein in the strip clubs, visit the beautiful Rikers Island, a recap of the crappy BET Hip Hop Awards, Do You Know with the man Jay-Z and by the way, him and Alicia Keys won’t be performin opening night at the World Series today, women who are embarrased by their man’s jobs, people get it poppin in restaurants who knew? And in light of the NY Yankees, Philly’s tryin to jock us and we have a special song to prove it for the home team. WE GONNA WIN!!

click here to listen and download

-Cipha Sounds

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8 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 10/28/09”

  1. BT

  2. Rico sounds like Easy E on that joint… LOL

  3. Easy E or Sir Mix-a-lot on SWASS…


  4. do you know.. HIPPIES!!!
    the last couple seconds makes it all worth it… sample it and play it after you SLAP A WHITEBOI

  5. Ciph,

    PMD said you’re the reason Juan Ep isn’t happening. Is this true? If not, you may need to slap a white boy. And then do a juan ep. K. thanks.

  6. Yo, tell Rosenberg that he’s crazy Em murdered that sh*t.

  7. u gotta listen to ems freestyle in slow motion to fully understand that shit, best verse

  8. I thought it was a n.w.a song… rico aka easy e

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