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New York and the Bronx’s reppin hard yo, let’s go Yankees!! We’re off to the World Series baby; so it’s only right to honor them by doin Do You Know Dominicans with Dominican Drew, Riker’s Island can be a nice place to visit, Michael Jackson may very well still be alive, Kanye West  won’t do time,Tyler Perry and Spike Lee are beefin, 50 Cent’s gettin at Jay-Z, re-aired the OJ Da Juiceman interview,  Jesse Jackson’s thoughts on the name mishap, what if ur husband didn’t have on his wedding ring?? And a black chick sent us an email about naming her half Asian baby with an Asian name?  So what do we do? Send her to Black Girls Court! All order in the court!!

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-Cipha Sounds

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5 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 10/26/09”

  1. Thanks Ciph … ps: FUCK fifty

  2. MJ was spotted… racer X style

  3. Rico just takes his ring off when he’s Carmen, because that would technically make him a cheater.

    Rico. i celebrate my 13th anniversary TODAY. the ONLY time i EVER took my ring off was to slip on the NEW one, and even then, the OLD RING went to the ringfinger of the other hand… for all those dyxlesic females out there.

  4. Watagatapitusberry lmfaoo ciph and dat dude aint no bout dominicans 4 shit…haha

  5. First Daughters Not Vaccinated Against H1N1

    President Obama’s school age daughters have not been vaccinated against the H1N1 flu virus. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says the vaccine is not available to them based on their risk.

    The Centers for Disease Control recommend that children ages 6 months through 18 years of age receive a vaccination against the H1N1 flu virus. At this time only children with chronic medical conditions are receiving the vaccination because their immune system is not strong enough to fight off the strain. The CDC also says a regular seasonal flu shot does not protect against the virus.

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