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Damn this detox sucks but it’s workin!

So today we talked about 50 Cent cryin over Fat Joe,  Kim Kardashian bein jealous of her fat ugly sister Khloe, Rosenberg’s Yom Kippur activites, Do You Know Black Women,
announced another Ghostface Date winner and you all have one day left to sign up! Discussed the issues of swine flu ordered vaccinations and people are against it, those white kids on that show The Hills is gettin mad guap, Weezy gets a cake made of diamonds and Rosenberg’s best friend comedian Lisa Lampanelli came by to talk about her new book n gave some advice to  Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys and Mashonda. Oh man, it got crazy!

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-Cipha Sounds

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7 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 9/29/09”

  1. daaamn was Rosenberg late again … haaaaaaa … Thanks Ciph !!!

  2. Ciph, what happened to the Showdown today? It’s tuesday damnit!

  3. yo ciph wats gud wid quan -epp mario t-dod reppin wats gud

  4. yo ciph wats gud wid quan -epp mario t-dod reppin wats gud

  5. new fat joe album sucks. they even changed up “hey joe” sounds more watered down then the video version. joe is like nas he’s better when they on some street shit.

  6. That doctor who called in………please. If anyone did some research into what goes into that vaccine they would think twice before they were injected.

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