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Let’s get the weekend started!

Today we talked a whole lot about the Jay-Z interview on Oprah; him givin advice, even talks about the use of the N word and even got Oprah to freestyle!  We also had comedian Bruce Bruce in the studio,  announced another Ghostface date winner, Do You Know Jews Yom Kippur edition, Soulja Boy marryin video chick Rosa Acosta, 18 things to teach your son about women and we have the top 5,  Maino involved in Foxy Brown’s sex tape, re-aired the ignorant white chick from the Rush Limbaugh discussion that lead into Rosenberg’s Jew Walking and the beautiful Alicia Keys called into the show!

click here to listen and download

-Cipha Sounds

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3 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 9/25/09”

  1. oh word!

  2. ciphenberg…. start spinnin this. NEW DE LA SOUL

    oh… wait nevermind. they not talkin ’bout poppin cris in the club smokin autotune with Kanye, so you probably wont play this song….

  3. that dj AM reality show reminds me of the reality show they were going to make about J Swift but it got canned. they made him hit the pipe repeatedly to get more takes of it

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