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Today the show was all about the number one thing plaguing America. . .  RACISM!

But before that, we talked about the real reason Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s rushin to get married, Do You Know Puerto Ricans, Jay-Z talking about the Lil Mama disaster on The Angie Martinez Show and the vaseline eatin Stephon Marbury won’t stop this dumb “beef”cause he just made a freestyle directed towards Hov! We announced a winner of the “Go On a Date With Ghostface” contest and discussed heavily about all the hyped up racism the media’s creating. But, what wasn’t created out of imagination was the crazy ish Rush Limbaugh said about the bus fight incident that’s all over the news and man we had some listeners call in with strong opinions about it!

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-Cipha Sounds

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6 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 9/24/09”

  1. Cipha-

    Please check your man. hes trying to ruin everything with twit…

  2. i was born in lakewood ironic, thanks for the post

  3. I was listening to your show this morning as you were talking about racism and the incident with the white kid who was beat up by the black I personally feel that this was just Kids being kids…nothing to do with racism..but either way that’s not an assuse for or any race to act like that..and if you want to go tit for tat…why wouldnt the black kid let the white kid sit down? so when you look at it..the black kid was disrespecting the whirt kid too by not letting him sit…
    however my issue with the show was when some one called in to talk about his issue with rasicm and how he went to a school where most of the Pstudants were black and how he was called a “cracker” and a “white boy” every day…and just giving his input on the situation…K Fox’s responce to that was. A LAUGH!!??? If anything was disrespectful it was K Fox laughing at the kid as he talked about being discriminated againt by black kids and how he felt ….. that wasnt right…however when she talked about how people are afraid of a black world and about our black presidant (who I voted for) there was no laughter at all..but more bitterness in her voice…
    and Cipha..your responce to him was basically :” well your in a school where there are more blakc kids,,,and your the minority .. its expected that you will be singled out…and kids use reacial slurs”……?? that sounded like a lame escuse to me.. any use of racial slurs are wrong…regardless of the target….you also mentiond that recail slurrs are used and that doenst mean its a “race thing” and that only the white communtiy is so fast to throw the word Racism around…really….I grew up in Ozone Park…and currently live in Howard beach…a few years ago a black kid came in to this neighborhood with intentions to rob a car…he got caught..was beat up and called a racial slur….as he also called the white kid a few rasial names awell….and Al Sharpton was all over this neighborhood labeling us racist…which was bull!!! I’m far from racist….and yes I’m white….that was all over the papers..and he even protested up and down cross bay blvd. And the white kid is doing a heavy jain sentance for a hate crime..that’s not rite…so I understood where one of your callers was coming from..the one you all attached..and said she’s crazy…if you don’t live here..and haven’t been through it..then you have no rite to judge….a few weeks after that a group of black kids from east Ny came to howard beach …beat up a few white kids and called them white boys and crackers….I didn’t see that on the news…nor did I see All Sharpton protesting…do you get my point???

  4. LOL… i sampled that “RIGHTONRIGHTONRIGHTON” as my new ringtone… and tagged it to all the whites in my addressbook..

  5. Who told Peter to report on Ahmadinejad and Gaddafi? There are so many stories right now to report on. What has made him report on these two specifically? It’s like some propaganda or something the way he laughs off Gaddafi saying H1N1 is man made. There’s actually a lot of evidence to suggest that this may in fact be the case. Ahmadinejad basically said it wasn’t right for Israel with the help of the US to rape and pillage Palestine and that we should work towards changing this and somehow that is a joke to Peter? There’s a pattern here.

    All I’m saying is if he finds the time to report on what he considers threats to whatever it is that he’s concerned about, why can’t he report on what the other side has to say without the passive, dismissive, sarcasm?

  6. Ciph – I noticed your “Spook Who Sat By The Door” reference – nice one! One of my favorite books, great movie too.

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