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Today will be the official first day of fall. I can’t wait to break out with the fresh hoodies because summer sucked!

So today we ran over the Summer of Death list, re-aired racism against your own race, Stephon Marbury 5 years late talkin ¬†about Jay-Z, Obama on Letterman, Do You Know Revolutionary Black Men, discussed the details about Michael Jackson’s This Is It movie comin out next month, a Showdown with Cipha Sounds rematch and young artists need to shut up or shape up!

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-Cipha Sounds

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6 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 9/22/09”

  1. Stephon looks like GAME in that photo, which lead to a different expectation of the show…

    big up to Rosenberg for the mini juan ep.

  2. this-soft-ass-vaseline-eating-barbie-girl-dancing-car-crashing-drug-using-fruity-tooty-emotional nigga
    Man Up!!

    He’s a disgrace for NY, as a matter’fact
    we don’t want him!
    give him to the south, or Europe or something,
    I don’t even think Afrika wants him, As hungry as they might be I ain’t neva seen a Etiopian kid eat vaseline

  3. don’t even get me started on those joints
    them thangs were so cheap, you take ‘m out the box and they fell apart
    I done seen mad homies damn near break they legs trying to ball with those bricks
    BRICKS I tell ya!

  4. This guy is a disgrace to N.Y.C just like Lil’ Mama.

  5. What the hell was that metro pcs bit about.. lol

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