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Ohhhh it’s Labor Day Weekend! Let’s set it off right.

Yo today’s show  was filled with mad surprises. First our resident angry positive black man Shani Kulture spit the truth about Chris Brown, comedian John Witherspoon paid us a visit, reaired Trey Songz, do you know West Indians with Jabba and Billy Sr., a former TV star turned prostitute, callers gave their opinion on whether some chick tellin me she doesn’t like light skinned guys is racist, announced the grand prize winner of the Blockbuster Flights contest and because of our endless begging and pleading for Jay-Z to come to our show and “be our guest”, we received a surprising email durin the show!

I played an all Jay-Z mix today too! Hov!

click here to listen and download

-Cipha Sounds

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9 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 9/04/09”

  1. *BANG*

    givit 35…45 minutes…

  2. megaupload is a faster download for the people. where’s the new season of juan ep?

  3. Rosenberg, you know.. IF Jay-Z was to EVER come on your show, he’s gonna SON you for all the smack you have been talking about the songs that have been leaked….

  4. congrats on jay-z on the show. im glad i dont have to hear the be our guest song again.

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  6. Juan Epstein is dead to me.

  7. Very Disapointing !!! No Stream is Bollox …..

    Bring Z Share r Limelix to the PPL Guys

  8. I had to read on Nah Right about the Jigga interview too!

    You guys is slipping.

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