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Today’s show we premiered another new song from Hov and talked about his Sept 11th concert, a sneak peek from Chris Brown’s Larry King Live interview, Joe Jackson is mad, we blessed listeners with more back to school Freshman rules, Showdown with Cipha Sounds, do you know black girls and discussed how long a man should wait around to sleep with a chick. I say one month tops. Any longer than that and  I’m out!

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-Cipha Sounds

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2 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 9/01/09”

  1. Will yous please do another Juan Ep?
    We love the morning show but the Juan Eps are just a class apart.

  2. you guys are soo funny im so glad they got rid off big boy i laugh my whole way too work everyday bc of you guys and i love that michael shawn/carmine is back on the air. i wish u guys the best of luck and kep doing what your doing. p.s. im getting married next sept in NJ id love it if u and rosenberg would come thatd be the best present anyone could give me

    nicole g

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