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The weekend is finally here!!

Today we talked about another leaked Jay-Z song from the BP3 album, grown people living with their parents, comedian Tommy Davidson came by and took part in Do You Know Jewish people, the “freak out age” , kids gettin kidnapped, director Quentin Tarantino called in, he’s a cool dude and I actually let Rosenberg mix today only because it’s Michael Jackson’s bday tomorrow.


click here to download and listen

- Cipha Sounds

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5 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 8/28/09”

  1. i think it would be dope if you invited a couple local juan ep fans to sit and watch you record one at the station but, besides that good show, thanks for the up

  2. Dont EVER let him touch the decks again :p

  3. BIg Up GUys – Show’s Banana’s …

    Love the Humour – Rosie still fucking mad as usual ….Greeting form Dublin Ireland …….

    Yup Yup

  4. i know… do a DO YOU KNOW… DA MAN!
    have Shani ask the questions and (after they get it wrong, of course) go into a Militant Patois-Ramapge on every question…

    … id b funny to me at least.

  5. Actually…I thought Rosenberg did a pretty legit job on the mix for MJ that day, but ur still my favorite…cute as shit, too. The day you played “Do you know Puerto Ricans” with Sean Paul I lost it. The BX IS the capital of Puerto Rico like Corona is the capital of the DR. Thanks for making me smile every morning :)

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