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RIP to political phenom Ted Kennedy.

I hate to start off Wednesday like that but the show must go on.

Today we talked Chris Brown’s sentence, listeners called in to talk about close family members gettin arrested, a Stephon Marbury and DMX freestyle, discussed Nelly and Ashanti’s breakup, Papa John’s car, do you know gay people with Kurt Black, Lil Wayne’s PSA and since we missed it yesterday, Showdown with Cipha Sounds with a surprising winner. It wasn’t fair!

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-Cipha Sounds

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6 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 8/26/09”

  1. first.

    i hate Carmen, but that crack-head phonejack was mad funny.

    if he-she shows up on a Juan Ep tho, im on the 1st flight to NYC to slap both of you.

  2. if you MUST torture us with Carmen, could lower the levels on the call? my co-workers are looking at me suspect when they hear him moaning on the call….PAUSE!

    dang man….

  3. what if you lower your speaker level when carmen comes on

  4. not possible. that would requite effort on my part mr. glasses, but thanks for caring.

  5. Thanks for posting Ciph!

    WhattaGwarnZaan from Borough News is hilarious.. a nice touch to that segment, ya’ll should keep him around as a correspondent.. haha!

    n damn, Jerome got you on the showdown.. you tried to cheat n all that. Lol He needs to call in again next week for the proper rematch.. like the other dude did who beat you late last year. Remember that Ciph? i know you do. Haha!! good times!

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