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To kick off the weekend we talked about a controversial book depicting African Americans as monkeys, callers gave us more crazy white boy games, Plaxico Burress gettin 2 yrs, Jew Walking with Drake gay rumors, Kelis wants more money from Nas, do you know Puerto Ricans with Sean Paul, gimme 20 dollars New Rules: Workin with black people and we discussed what would make a woman break up with theirĀ  man!

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- Cipha Sounds

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12 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG 8/21/09”

  1. why haven’t we heard DO YOU KNOW Jewish People?
    or DO YOU KNOW Ethiopian Peoples? (report it from the Queen of Sheba on 10th Ave)

  2. im almost positive there was a do you know jewish people… Where does a jew go to fix something in there house, nowhere they hire a puerto rican to do it for them… something along those lines

  3. yo ciph two words JUAN EPSTIEN!!!!! stop playin with us

  4. CIPH,

    new CURB season 7 promo and behind the scenes:

    looks like the Blacks are back! hey, any chance you might drop that JB Smoove Juan Ep yall did before the new season?


  5. JAUN EP!!!!!!!

  6. JAUN EP!!!!!!!!

  7. EXCUSE ME ^^ JUAN EP!!!!!!!

    • Me encanta ese bolso de Nice Things! Aunque por epearsr a ver si los Reyes se acordaban de med, me he quedado sin e9l, porque ahora no hay manera de encontrarlo!Besos! Choco-chic

  8. JUAN EP!!!!!!!!

  9. JUAN EP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. You and Rosenberg used to do this cool thing called Juan Epstein

  11. When my daughter was born the laciottan consultant that helped me was actually not so helpful. To me it was frustrating because my daughter was early and I was told didn’t have the sucking down so the laciottan consultant was overwhelming. So remember when you are helping people that for me, I was a first time mother, and had a preemie. It is hard I think in the medical profession to step back and remember that the people you are helping don’t know all the information that you do and how to go back to basically the basics to help them.

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