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The show was a mess in the beginnin but we put it back together cause that’s what we do!

So we re aired the Sean Paul  interview, talked about the This Is 50 Fest, Beyonce and Jay-Z gettin attacked in Croatia, Charlie Murphy passed through and helped us out with Do You Know Black People, we did  an instant survey if “fat guys are in” and we had some white boys clue us in on their crazy games and man were they CRAZY. More reason to slap a whiteboy!

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-Cipha Sounds

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10 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 8/20/09”

  1. im still catchin up but i must say the terrible music is draggin the show down..imo, thanks for the up

  2. Yo, love the new format for the show. I have to agree with mr. glasses tho, the same music does suck balls. But keep up with those Carmen skits, that one about the little girls dancing had me rolling

  3. LOL at you guys complaining about commercial urban radio. you do remember that hot 97 is terrestrial, and not satellite, right? meaning, there are certain songs that have to play x amt of times, daily, so they can keep the lights on, and keep shows like this on the air.

  4. all this stuff is great big fan of the show but can we get some fucking juan epstein!!!!

  5. @Glasses, dude relax, Ciph can not give a f*ck and not post his show. Just be happy he posts his show daily for free without commercials. U ever think how long it takes to edit, upload and post? Im sure he can use that time doing seomthing else. Just enjoy

  6. but also i would rather have the show with music then not have it at all so again props to ciph^2

  7. Roll-Bounce is my 8yr olds favorite movie…

  8. im callin it out. Rosenberg has a crush on K Foxx

    sounds like your “friend” from yesterdays show… he wants to SMASH!

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