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Now since Eminem has fired at Mariah and Nick, but since they are so busy that they can’t respond, Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg have decided to hold them down and fire back for them… We not scarred of nothig… Here is the crazy fire dis record record called “Em is Over” f/K-foxx and young cheezsy.

click here to listen and download

- Cipha Sounds

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21 Responses to “EM IS OVER…”

  1. lmfao… this shit is hilarious.. you ethered him… lol

  2. getting a blackberry did 2 things for me: gave me twitter anywhere i am, and lets me stream hot 97. had this on this morning – this is fucking hilarious

  3. whats good Cipha, I just dropped a mix you did on Westwood’s show back in 2000.

    • Whooaa Cyph you was really cuttin it up some time ago. Damn what happened? I really don’t think you and Flex are feeling this new wave of music. It shows in your mixing.

      • yeah its good to listen to ciph really cut it up. i wanna hear him cut like this nowadays. times change though.

  4. That was… Uhm… Ya… Uhhhh, woooowww…

    K foxx and Rico sounded kind of serious though.

  5. u guys tooo damn wack n tooo unimportant to have an opinion for mariah n nick let dem fight theyr own battles n apologize to em before he stops your careers from ever getin of the floor

  6. Em will eat this so called diss alive. Let nick defend himself…you know like when he said “slim lamey” lol what a comeback priceless… 5th grade lol

  7. Best diss EVER!!!!!!

  8. turd and ricks, GET OFF EM’s DICK

    the dude is a lame. when did it become cool to diss females. when did it become cool to go at opponents that don’t do lyrical battles like that. he got a bunch of dudes going at his neck and he choose to waste beats and lyrics on a female thats MARRIED b/c she don’t acknowledge him. get a life. what a loser

    • heres a late reply (but like itell my wife better late den neva) ok em shouldnt have kept pokin at a dead horse i meen eventually shegon get tired of da disses but4nick 2 have ashow basically off insult freestylin n only quote bibble phrases2 get back at em is just as assinine as havin da gaynamic duo respond4 him, in closing im not on ems dik….. cyph&rosenberg are!!!!

  9. Kyo you are right that a man sholdnt diss females but she went at him on the video so that’s okay? Hell no . Nick can defend himself whether or not lyrically is his choice. Oh and grow up “off ems dick”? So I guess ur on nicks

  10. Lol that was too funny
    but Ciph you makin Nick look bad cause its like your fightin his battles by gettin back at Em for him

  11. I’m glad you are not coppin’ plees like Rosenberg….. Rosenberg got one bad twitter message and he’s shook

  12. I’m a fan of you guys, but this dumbest thing you guys did since the Wii Fight.

  13. Funny as hell – fuck the haterz Ciph and Rosenberg keep doing what yall do…the Em diss is kool but he came at Mariah, get at a rap dude he’s a fucking fag…Em is too emotional he talks all the shit he wants but when its the other way he catches feelings….

  14. lmao; this should go down in history as one of the best diss tracks!

  15. Yo this has to be the hottest dis song ever yo its about time some one gave it to em its all in fun the chick at the end hot fire and funny

  16. you guys are straight fags

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