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Tomorrow’s Friday yeyyyyyy!

But on today’s show we touched on a whole lot. Usher and Kim Kardashian going on a date,  Michael Jackson using 19 different alias to get prescription drugs so we did MJ aliases vs. porn star names, jew walking about Michael Vick, Colin Powell talkin about racism,   we played what happened when the cop in the Harvard professor incident came to the White House to see Obama, Joe Jackson talks loosely about MJ’s alleged son, do you know Vietnamese ppl with the help of Jen From Bklyn, comedian Ruperto Vanderpool came by the studio and NY is the best U.S city for singles?!  Hellloooooo.

click here to listen and download

- Cipha Sounds

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8 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 7/30/09”

  1. Great show!

    Hey Ciph, you know how Jay “killed” Autotune? Wouldn’t a good radio segment be one where you and Rosenberg talk about hip-hop trends (past and present) you wished Jay-Z had killed. Think about it.

    Also, check out this article I wrote comparing the business styles of both The Game (old style) and Drake (new style).

  2. Yall should do “Do you know wiggers?”

  3. New Boyz – You’re A Jerk (Vrs Party Break)

  4. Where is Friday’s show??

  5. Megan Fox Diss Rogen on Kimmel Show. Funnny!

  6. good look for that youtube vid. i forgot all about funny people. and this show i havnt been on the comp in days, good luck ciph

  7. i cant skim or ff through the music towards the end of my downloads of the show..any1 else with this problems

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