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It’s Friday!! Time to get the weekend started!

Today we talked about Nas showing up to the delivery room drunk and how the court is ordering him to pay $44,000 a month, Michael Jackson’s secret Norwegian rapper son, NFL’s  Ben Rothelisberger rape charge being covered up because he’s white, corruption in New Jersey, do you know Koreans with Bobby Lee, reasons on the beach to gimme 20 dollas and we world premiered Jay-Z’s new song “Run This Town” f/Rihanna & Kanye West FIRST only on Hot 97!!!!!

Click here to listen & download

- Cipha Sounds

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7 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 7/24/09”

  1. It’s the ROC you bastards !!!

  2. can you please stop this carmen bullshit it sucks and it not funny its just annoying

  3. thats love lockdown/warm it up kane blend was SERIOUS!

  4. is rico the voice of carmen?

  5. i am starting to think that the reason you play the same songs over and over again is because you WANT us to hate those songs, you WANT us to run to our internets with ears bleeding and download all the underground hip hop we can…. you are now Da MAN, standin next to the MAN, standin next to the MAN.

    gonna start a Sub-Ciphenberg Blog with Re-Edited Ciphenberg shows – with no music & no CARMEN.

    your CiphenSUCKIN right now…

    im diggen the DO YOU KNOW stuff tho.

    Big up 2 Bobby Lee.

  6. Ya’ll crazy. The Carmen shit Is Hilarious.
    The Shock Jock Cipha-not so much

  7. what up uncle Hov… Yeeeeeeezy all day playboi its a ya boy Seekrit protege od the young angel/coach Jimmy Drake Drizzy… and this right here K.West all I’m going to say is you run this industry

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