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I cant say thank you enough for the support you are giving us. I really appreciate it. Its all gonna get better and better. Here is todays show which is pretty hilarious…

click here to listen & download

- Cipha Sounds

Show run down:

- it was confirmed chris brown’s performance at the BET Awards didn’t happen because of jayz
– michael jackson tribute at the Apollo Theater in harlem with our sister station KissFm
– results of michael’s 1st autopsy leaked online were false
– aired billy mays’ 911 call
– michael jackson’s fans and their crazy memoribilia
– joe jackson continues to talk reckless
– called a man who is selling the Thriller record for a million dollars
– michael jackson’s radio airplay jumped up to 27 million spins since thursday
– pepa and chilli are getting reality shows on vh1
– MTA fare officially went up
-bernie madoff getting 150 yrs in jail
– cipha sounds and rosenberg to the rescue:  sent shani kulture to rescue train riders with our Tuesday Quarter-Back at Penn Station
– showdown with cipha sounds: michael jackson edition
– 12 ppl have commited suicide around the world since michael jackson’s death
– giants stadium chairs are on sale

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12 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 6/30/09”

  1. Thanks for posting Ciph! feels like ages since i caught the morning show..
    your latest More Fire Mix was on-point too, i peeped it yesterday.

  2. Oh yeah Ciph, you should of got Video Vato to help you with that Mexican caller.. could of been hilarious.

  3. Stop. Rosenburg is a woman’s studies major? Everytime he earns hetrosexual cred he gives it back for homo-points.

  4. yoooo ciph! I’m trying as much as I can to support you and Rosenberg from Chicago..

    what was the name of that movie that you quote all the time, “this is shit miss”?

  5. Awesome, the return of Showdown with Cipha Sounds – i hope it wasn’t a one-off return. We’ll get those segments back 1 by 1 if that’s how its gotta be.
    G.O.A.T. List next ? anybody second that notion?

  6. Give us an early christmas present and bring back GOAT LIST , My First Freestyle and my friend wants to know

  7. YEA trivia is back

  8. Pretty sweet! Bring back video vato and remember Whensday.

  9. How many times y’all gonna play that SAME Drake song during the SAME show?!?

  10. Ciph when is dont get gassed coming to boston.

  11. thanks for bringin it back its all just a matter of time, much respect and thank you

  12. Im a huge fan.. but I think it’s in the best interest of the show to say “EXCUSE ME” a little bit less…

    shit went overboard for a minute there

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