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Show recap:

- shaq got traded to the cavs and so did richard jefferson to the spurs
–  USA beat #1 seed Spain, our first FIFA tournament final
– transformers 2 opened to record $16 million for a midnight show yesterday
– johnny depp tipped $4,000 on a $4400 bill at a steakhouse in chicago
– rosenberg talks about his canadian weed tipping incident
– foxy brown denies any  special treatment at rikers island
– fat joe has a sneaker line called Protege for k-mart
– chris brown’s song “not my fault” leaked, Jive Records said that all the songs hitting the net lately are old demos
– perez hilton is suing polo molina (‘s manager) for the altercation
– drake says soulja boy is the smartest artist of this generation
– tomorrow is Take Your Dog to work day
– perez apologizes to the gay community for calling a gay slur
– played carmen’s boom boom perez song
– discussed what the next celebrity divorce might be
– don’t underestimate nerds in hip hop
– governor of south carolina went missing for 2 weeks and had some scandalous emails from a side piece
– the roots debuted a new song on jimmy fallon, tiger woods will be on the show tonight

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16 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 6/25/09”

  1. ciph’s gonna camp out for those like peeps did for the yeezy’s.


  2. no sure anyone will cop those Fat Joes…when can we expect the Juan Ep Live podcast?

  3. Cipha are y’all still going to add a female to the team?

    The shows this week are hilarious!!

  4. How do you say Fat joe getting his a snecker deal with k mart????? FAIL!!!!!!!!

  5. Good show today fellas, I need that Nuh Linga/Dancin’ On Me blend in my life!!! Ciph whats good with a link to that track.

  6. nother great show

  7. michael jackson, rest in peace, i hope its just false gossip

  8. congrats on the full morning show takeover.

  9. Congrats Ciph I’m loving the show.

  10. Good show once again Ciph! Can you post Mr Cee’s throwback at noon show 6/26/09 he is going in with the MJ classics RIP

    • don’t talk about SRI LANKA cricket when you guys ainhavreg 60 times bigger land (thoughthe land is full of idiots) who have thesecond biggest population in theworld but still you guys cant find 11men to defeat SRI LANKA. (0)

  11. Yo that Juan Ep was dope. Buckshot segment was dope, along with the audience q&a

  12. the live Juan Ep was definitely a success.. and congrats on the unofficial promotion to the full morning show slot. We’ve been saying for the longest that you guys needed that slot, n Ebro has finally done something about it.

  13. Dope Juan Ep I liked the guests and the audience q&a but why was that kid asking you about charles hamilton and soulja boy? Who cares?

  14. we need another billy the kid juan ep b4 he leaves for the summer

    • I would be at work around that time, excpet my ride canceled and the goddamn bus route changed. I’m not going downtown and looping around the entire city just to get to a Chili’s ten minutes away. Screw you, DART! “Excitement” isn’t the word I’d use. My default position is “cautious optimism”. Nintendo’s realized they can BS their way through press conferences and sprinkle a little footage at the end, and the fanboys will still jizz their pants. Microsoft seems to like the idea. The hope of a Zelda trailer is enough to keep my interest, though. *Crosses fingers*

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