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Even though I was out to the wee hours of the morning doing the “Don’t Get Gassed”  Comedy Series. I’m on some super tired shit but show still came out crazy…

Click here to listen and download

- Cipha Sounds

Show rundown:

- HOT 97 vs. Kiss FM softball game in newark experience
-janet jackson and jd may be breaking up
– vehicle takes french arrivals on a speed chase out of jfk airport
– we replayed the Perez Hilton and audio where they argue back and forth
-GLAAD organization is offended by Perez
-remembering ed mcmahon
– ludacris has launched his own line of cognac called Conjure
– eve is going to be appearing on a new Fox show called Glee (a musical comedy about a HS Glee Club)
– a virus in T.I’s arkansas jail have caused the prison to suspend visits until they figure out what’s happening
– NYC is allowing  landlords to raise rent for  people in rent controlled apartments
– people snitching on Twitter
– transformers 2 in theaters today
– reports  in VA are saying rihanna’s crazy, causing chris brown to replace 3 flat screen tvs because of her and much more
– JJ Smith dating expert gave her insight on the chris brown and rihanna situation
– juan epstein podcast live tonight at the 92Y Tribeca

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8 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 6/24/09”

  1. i wish i was going to the podcast tonight! i just cant wait to hear it.

  2. thanks Cipha

  3. i dont even think they posted on this website bout tje live podcast..but none the less thanks for the show

  4. did you post the end first? it techincally ends around 42, 43 mins in, then its like “yo its 5 in the morning” lol

  5. yo chiph check this out… good luck tonight with the show.

  6. ahhh shit, they played Oh Boy

  7. word to khal.. lol
    Ciph messed up the sequence of the show when he edited it.. must of been because of him being super tired – i guess it caught up with his puerto-rican self! c’mon Luis, lets get it together!

    Thanks for posting anyway.. and good luck with the live Juan Ep, if i could teleport from the UK to see it, i would.

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