Cipha Sound's "make YOU laugh" lab…


This shit is kinda tuff. Shout to my boy Juganot who sent this to me. I heard DJ Camilo play it the other day and had to get it for my DGG fam.

Click here to listen and download

- Cipha Sounds

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  1. Hey Ciph’

    There are also a french rap group who flpped this sample 4 years ago !

    Listen this :

  2. Good looks Ciph — you was sleeping on No I.D. before though when you was arguing with Rosenberg – yo where are the morning shows though?

  3. Yo Ciph No I.D. didnt evn touch this track…lol sounds almost exact except mighta been sped up a bit. give him credit n production points for doin NOTHING!!! sure…pfft…wers epstein? ya should have carmen do teh show wit ya in the am

  4. @ballzgotw8

    Quincy Jones says sampling, even if it’s “just” a loop, is still making music.

  5. someone else has flipped this. can’t remember who. Mighty Mi? Doom? Cage? Just a bunch of underground cats though.

  6. Yooo. that beat is nuts. Its the kind of sound that you close your eyes to and you can see the music! Thanks for posting it

  7. By the way I love the show keep up the good work!!!

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