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Lots of things today, like father’s day discoveries and how to make $20,000 a month but spend $80,000… plus we had Trey Songz and Alan Houston on the show today.  Please enjoy.

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- Cipha Sounds

-jae millz got his chain robbed at the drake best I ever had video shoot
– jada pinket smith tells magazine that Will isn’t gay and talks about how they keep their marriage alive by an exciting sex life
– interview with ny knicks legend alan houston
-kelis’ income released, she makes $20,000 a year and spends up to $80,000 a year
-talked about my father working in a ice cream truck, possibly on some Big Worm ish
-me and rosenberg are goin to brooklyn today to do a cameo in the 50 cent video
– a couple who now no longer work in target in east new york robbed 8 flat screen tvs by starting a fire in the store
– trey songz talks about his relationship with his father and being good friends with drake
– chris brown trying to postpone the rihanna trial coming up
– mos def re-released his album the ecstatic through a t-shirt
– the  most mispelled words, #1 is  DEFINITELY

- Cipha Sounds

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11 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 6/18/09”

  1. i love this shit man, thanks for the uploads

  2. yo,

    it’s crazy how you and rosenberg didn’t even promote the juan epstein

    that you guys are doing LIVE in NYC in front of an actual audience and

    the shit is sold out already. congrats. like i wrote on rosenberg’s site,

    it’ll be dope if you guys had a small 10 city tour across the U.S.

  3. thanks

  4. HAHA, the dad remix of those song had me lmfao. WOW!!! MY LAWD!!!!!

  5. Oh shit, Shawnie could be Pac’s half brother.. hilarious! his pops really must of been getting it in back in the 70’s.. haha!! damn.. 9 siblings with 5 different mamas.. crazy!

    The show’s definitely been rockin’.. keep this consistency Ciph! oh yeah, the ice cream theme was well timed!

    Ciph: ”have u been to Target in brooklyn?
    Rosenberg: “i’ve been a target in brooklyn” LOL i’ll say no more!

  6. Now thats great radio!! thanks ciph

  7. yall doing the damn thing.

  8. NOOOOO!! the Juan Ep live is sold out…no wonder i couldnt find tickets yesterday –

  9. The shows have been great and very consistent good work Ciph and Rosenberg. Already sold out that’s crazy!

  10. game hay cho dien thoai…


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