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Its hump day and lots a things happeing as we approach the weekend. I’m happy we are getting more time and the show is sounding good but dam these hours are rough. I guess happyness comes with a price. Anyway today show went a little something like this…

– rosenberg being yelled at by the cab guy for being late
– kanye west buying $5000 worth of dresses and accessories for
-jim jones calls in to discuss the death of autotune
– taylor swift ft tpain song, taylor swift rapping
-lil wayne trying to buy lauren london and nivea houses
– mariah carey released new song “obsessed” , song possibly dissin Eminem
– trey songz disses rkelly on death of autotune beat , he talks about his beef with rkelly when me and rosenberg covered for angie yesterday
– usher and tameka was doomed from the start
– sammy sosa tested positive steroids in 2003, wanted to come back this year but opted to wait for the hall of fame
-usher and tameka have been seperated for a year and usher trying to find out dirt on tameka, searching for any info from when she hired a private investigator to follow him
– 50 Cent was on Flex last night, debuting War Angel LP, 50 talks about chris brown/rihanna situation, defends michael vick animal cruelty situation, mentions another nfler dante stallworth who got 30 days for DUI manslaughter
– rosanna scotto from Fox news smacks McLovin in an interview for talking about daughters having sex in front of mothers
– debuted our remixed version of young money- every girl, ¬†“cartoon girls”
– one of lil wayne’s tracks from his album “Rebirth” was leaked, we flushed the cd down the toilet
Р people were protesting against letterman drama with sarah palin

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- Cipha Sounds

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13 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 6/17/09”

  1. righteous brother, thanks for up

  2. Yo Cipha is crazy; “I had to trick her to get out of my apartment. ” I hope she was a dime.

  3. Appreciate it as always Ciph! I’m sure the hours are rough but you and Rosenberg are sounding rather polished fam. The “Every Girl (Cartoon Girls)” remix was hysterical and you got to get into the rest of your “Doomed from the start” story…maybe on a Juan Ep in the near future. No offense but from your story it sounds like she was a lousy b!@ch…lol

  4. Really dope show Ciph.. from top to bottom. I got a lot of laughs on this 1, very reminiscent of the older shows with those legendary segments u guys used to do.

    Diggin’ the new format too, extended shows are dope – and its become permanent now, even with Big Boy around! Ciph & Rosenberg took over the neighbourhood now.. haha!

    From Jim Jones randomly laughing on the phone.. To flushing Lil Waynes CD, to getting Tameka’s ”comments” on the situation.. LOL all with funny ish in between, the show was dope…
    but with that said.. *funk-flex voice* CIPHA DON’T GET GASSED!!!! *

  5. great show.. man i love this shit

    nothing beats listenin to this at work

  6. Yeah I agree with RYGHTEOUS1 you and Rosenberg should discuss the “doomed from the start” stories on the next Juan Ep

  7. Lovin’ your show down in Dallas, kidz!
    Curious as to what’s up with all the Ne Yo spins this show? I love him, so it’s ok, but he was in every break. I was worried something happend to him that I didn’t know about.

  8. Crazy show I’m loving the shows I’m getting up extra early just to listen in the morning. Thanks Ciph!

  9. good show! agree with @RYGHTEOUS1 – soundin polished!

    It’d be jokes if we find out that Mclovin is actually smashing the host’s daugher

  10. I’m sure none of you care AT ALL, but I’m a lady and it hurts me to hear incomplete gossip…Mariah long ago wrote a song for Eminem, from the Charmbraclet Album entitled Clown. In this song, she clearly states in reaction to his ‘fly through twice’ in Superman that ‘taking her G5 20 minutes wasnt nothing’ but does say that they didnt have sex…which would make ‘Obsessed’ even more ridiculous than it is.

  11. Sorry to hear that, Jill. I agree with you it should be baennd ASAP. You should email your legislator to let him/her know how you feel. Also, I will look into who is sponsoring the bill and we will write a petition here on KP for people to show their support.

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