Cipha Sound's "make YOU laugh" lab…



You know what it is… We seem to rolling real good right now. Lots of topics and lots of mixing in the morning.

– americas most wanted tour
– tameka responds
– kelis needs money from nas. He’s not helping
-diddys annual white party is in LA
-birthday sex
– letterman palin drama
-gay, straight, mommas boy
– drake filming best I ever had,  fab, kanye, amber rose, even jayz
– 50 cent on flex tonight goin thru whole album
– elementary school porn disaster
– gay marriage
– remy ma letter

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- Cipha Sounds

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13 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 6/16/09”

  1. good looks…do u guys have the main morning show now cause yall still on the air when i get in to work? congrats if yall do.

    1 Volume

  2. Yea… u got the main time slot??

  3. first of all ciph, NOBODY cares about the music on this site, so you might as well cut that away too and just have talk breaks. i love me some mainstream music, but goddamnit im sick of dancin on me.

    to khal:
    khal, like find a day where you got nothing to do. just winrar a whole bunch of those badboys, and upload like packs. like for each two weeks. thats like ten shows a pack.

  4. If somehow you could cut out the music, that would be unbelievable

  5. I hate the song they have in rotation too but the show is still funny and entertaining.

  6. Yo show is gettin better but u gotta bring the trivia back that shit was mad funny.

  7. I agree with JDS, please bring trivia back that shit was really funny and one of my favourite segments Ciph. The music is so repetitive and mainstream I could do without it.


  8. so we all agree ?
    remove the music ?

    okay ciph, when ur chopping out the commercials and shit, just go ahead and cut the music out too.

  9. lol you referenced IN and Out Burger ! hell yeah when I go to the west coast that is a must!! It really is no joke.

  10. In & Out got those 3×3 & 4×4 burgers…and horseshoe fries…Im in Baltimore but I know they poppin over west

  11. In-N-Out just otta start making Turkey Burger’s and i’ll be all in.
    New format is muuuuuuuuuuuuch better than the last and i’m 50/50 on the music because some of it is different than our playlist but like 70 percent is the same. I loved and now just like Dancing on me. Shit played like 3-4x on one show. but all in all-great show. The originals were best but much better than those quickies(Pause).

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