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Here are a bunch of flip cam videos I took from last nights show.  The audio could be better, but you catch the vibes and all that. I got some more official shit coming but this is the first run…

Jay-Z performing live as a special guest with Young Jeezy

Jadakiss & Swizz Beatz “Who’s Real”

Drake performing live during Young Jeezy set

Young Jeezy Live

D-Block & Jeremih live broadcast

Tracy Morgan backstage

DJ Web Starr live on Summer Jam festival stage

Asher Roth & Cipha Sounds doing stanky leg

Elephant Man backstage

Day 26

- Cipha Sounds

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21 Responses to “HOT 97 SUMMER JAM 2009”

  1. Ciph, your stanky leg is so sexy

  2. man that sh/t was crazyyyyyyyy i wish i coud be thare maybe next year.

  3. the GOAT ladys and gentlemen ….

  4. ciph the audio from ur videos r horrible!!!! wth? eff summer jam…wut else u got popn? ya got the mornin show yet? shit man….lol @ magnum laundry bags

  5. yo put up that clip of you playing beer pong

  6. Juan Epstein >>>>> Summer Jam 2009

  7. Looks like Brooklyn Tore it down at Summer Jam Hov did his thing. Good look Ciph!!

  8. Summer Jam 09 was dope….Jayz literally sucked the energy out the stadium….Jimmy was a disappointment……he shouldn’t had closed the show….people was leavin 10mins after he got on stage….I had to leave myself after he brought out Solider Boy….what I mess….Hope u feel better Ciph….Heard u had the swine flu

  9. maybe thats y Ciph didnt post any videos of Jimmy’s performance….makes me think….im no hater…i love Jimmy… RIP Stack Bundles….. but…it was kinda ass

  10. Did Rosenberg have on a Drake T-Shirt!!??? WOW!!!!! LMAO!
    Ciph your right he is a d*ck rider! (Just kidding Rosenberg, calm down!)

  11. yo, whats up with the show? havent heard a new one in like 2 days.

  12. Cipha you so funny and laid least u gave us the heads up on audio still a good look but don’t get gassed..LOL

  13. yow cipha what flip cam u use b

  14. lol rosenberg had on a mike tyson shirt lol damn why you gotta do drake like that!

  15. don’t even LOOK like drake on that tee lol.

    ciph’s had the flu, from what missinfo said on twitter.

  16. jay-z is MAD corny…

  17. Jay shut it down when he came out…that was the highlight of the night to me…Dip Set was straight ass…I stayed hoping Cam might make a surprise appearance shit anything can happen right but put a fork in em cause they done…dont look forward to they music at all

  18. YO What happen with the morning shows this week. ???
    where they @ ? you guys on vacay this week ?

  19. Nobody was feeling dipset at summer jam I haven’t heard not one song from their summer jam set.

  20. Damn I wish i was there, definately going 2 his next concert!

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