Cipha Sound's "make YOU laugh" lab…


UUhhh… yeah…. Our producer Rico and our board op Shani Kulture were both late today and left me to run the boards on my own. Somewhere during the confusion, the cd recording got messed up. Sorry people, you are just gonna have to wait til Monday.  Thanks for the support.

Bonus – This C-Murder Video is Fire. Total ignorance at it’s finest.

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17 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 5/29/09”

  1. Fuckin Rico!

    Big ups to Shani. My Lawd!

    For the record, I still miss the old format of the show. With jewee luis and the news. Y’all some funny muh f’ers

  2. LOL how were both Rico AND Shani late… is that a first?

    No matter, I keep old shows archived. Gonna listen to you guys interview Tracy Morgan. BLACK DONT WIN WE ALL JUMP IN!

  3. damn, they both pulled a rosenberg. fuck!

  4. My laaawd (c) Shani

  5. Make em say uhhhhh!

  6. yo ciph the “cameron frye” house is up for sale ($2.3 million). get miss info or angie on juan ep.

  7. F#ck you Rico & Shani.

    Don’t forget us on monday Ciph

  8. im an idiot cuz i listen to the show since it started but didnt even start downloading this show till dec 22, damn im dumb lol im searching for the gym class show, thanks for the post update on the non post

  9. this is some bullshit Ciph!

  10. Thanks for the effort Ciph!

    [little league coach] You’ll get’em next time, buddy [/little league coach]

  11. itz all good but y u dont put the phone jack up to man,oh n whatz up with Juan epstein bro.ight 1.

  12. i guess no one took my bait lol

  13. hey Ciph new joint by your boy Kardinal-Clear
    don’t know if you heard it

  14. you cipha christmas came early have a nice day

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