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Yes sir, you know what it is… This is the basic run down of how it looks in Miami during the daytime hours during memorial day weekend 2009. This is the “MY LLLAAAWWWDDD” part of the show that focuses on the woman of Washington, Collins, & Ocean. Day 3 coming soon.

click here to listen & download:  DONK SHAKER (CLUB UPTEMPO REMIX) – INTERNATIONAL XL

- Cipha Sounds

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11 Responses to “MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND IN MIAMI 2009 (DAY 2)”

  1. Cipha looks like you tore it down!

    • .If the government was seidnpng money on private education, it would make it public.And most parents can’t AFFORD sending their kids to private school, yknow Was this answer helpful?

  2. Ohh shit, Wet Willies.. you were right on south beach where I stayed.. that was the spot.

  3. Fat Tuesday’s is where 2 be

    • We purr for all the men and womenwho gave all in the soceirvef their country.That is a fine picture Brian Purrs Tillie and Georgia,Tiger,Treasure and JJ

    • this vet would rather take a bfuitueal redhead to lunch. I and other vets appreciate the thought but we would rather enjoy the freedoms our services has bought us. We would do it again and again just to have these freedoms. NEVER SURRENDER THESE FREEDOMS!!!!! We will NEVER surrender them as long as one of us are alive. Just help us protect the freedoms all vets like myself and others have pledged our lives to defend. We must never fail! We Will never fail.


  5. thanks for the mp3

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