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I know this clip is old now because it’s already made the rounds on all the other blogs but I decided to post it here anyway.  I’m tired of going to the other sites for a quick pick me up when I’m in the need of a good laugh.  Besides it’s only a matter of time before Interscope, the home of Charles Hamilton and MJB **sidebar – I hear Briana is her step daughter** gets YouTube to yank it down, so i figured we might as well get some mileage outta this while we can.

I fux with Sonic and all but all props goes to Briana for the beautiful right cross.

They’ve already kissed and made up, but damn Chuck… You got served.

- Farragut Foster

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6 Responses to “1 PIECE – EXTRA CRISPY”

  1. She gave his chin an abortion.

  2. This never gets old. Hilarious!!

    What was he supposed to do?
    Chris Brown her?
    Press charges?
    He should just retire now.

  3. HEY CIPHA there selling the house they used off of ferris bueller… cameron fryes house….where the car goes through the glass…. its up for sale!!

  4. This guy needs a manager all he gets is bad promo. I can only imagine what was going through her mind when she punched him.

  5. YOU SEE THIS SHIT NOW? All of a sudden it’s OK to “freestyle” off a blackberry because Jimmy Drake did it?

    FUCK OUTTA HERE. This hip hop shit is getting ridiculous.

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