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Man, talk about coming back with a vengeance… Red & Meth and Busta Rhymes, all on the same podcast. Fire on  top of Fire!!! Talked about a lot of  Hip Hop shit, like Wu-tang, Epmd, The Roots, Dilla, Rza, Old Dirty, etc.  These guys seem like they are in a great place right now. Putting out albums, and doing shows.  Great Hip Hop from some great Hip Hop artist. One of the illest things to me was the whole time Meth was doing crossword puzzles from a huge crossword puzzle book. He likes them words.

Click here to listen and download: JUAN EPSTEIN: REDMAN, METHOD MAN, BUSTA RHYMES

- Cipha Sounds





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  1. Thank you!!!!

  2. The Return of Juan Epstein!!!!

  3. WOW!!! Juan Ep is just getting better and better! This show is monumental….good lookin’ Ciph

  4. Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!
    I was just saying we haven’t had a hip hop juan Epstein in a minute.

  5. good work ciph

  6. crazy lineup…can’t wait to listen!

  7. whats the end of the story from meth that got killed off by the fade out?

  8. Holy shit! Good looks Ciph…definetly a nice surprise…hopefully is on itunes already so I can add it to my ipod

  9. “I’m just gonna do some crosswords. It doesn’t mean that I don’t wanna talk.” – Quagmire, Family Guy (Blue Harvest)

  10. What happened to that last story????????

  11. […] Busta Rhymes, Method Man & Redman on Juan Epstein [via Cipha Sounds] Man, talk about coming back with a vengeance… Red & Meth and Busta Rhymes, all on the same […]

  12. So you come back after about 20 years with a triple threat, but then cut off a story. Guess I can’t wait for the next episode in 2010!

  13. it goes reggie, jay-z, tupac and biggie, andre from outkast, jada, kurupt, nas and then me

    shoulda asked about that when Em got brought up

  14. i use to always think ciph smoked, nice podcast thanks

  15. Yo Ciph,

    Did you see the trailer for Larry David’s new movie?

    It’s written and directed by Woody Allen!

    Peep it:

  16. Yo, that was a real dope Juan EP. Good Shit! Good stories from Red & Meth! They sound like some real dudes.

  17. SO what happen on the last story Meth was tellin!?!? It cut off!

  18. FIRE! Thanks Ciph, that shit made Wednesday son!

    These suits at the job be getting on my last nerve, this shit was a nice escape.


  19. 28 mins in – shit is the best!

  20. […] Juan Epstein: Red x Meth x Bus No TweetBacks yet. (Be the first to Tweet this post) […]

  21. Thank you… This is crack

  22. what’s the deal cipha. whens the next time your in comedy shows coming to boston

  23. I’m late to juan epstein !

    In the middle of the week sweet!

    Thank you Ciph!

  24. Awesome episode guys. Keep it coming. I just noticed that this Juan ep has over 25,000 d/l’s, holy shit! I remember when it used to be around 500. I’m glad this many people are listening to Juan ep, it deserves it.

  25. Man, that was fire! Good job!

  26. dope!

  27. Thank you Juan! Thank you Epstein!

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  28. This is classic son!!

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  29. Ciph keep up the good work, and jail rosenburg if you get the chance.

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    • thanks so much for coming to baby ceetnr! just wanted to let you know that we watched your movie, the business of being born, in my biopsych of birth class and it was amazing!!!! we are learning all about natural birth and your movie is an inspiration

  30. One of the best JE’s.

    • I’m so excited to read what you have to say in this blog. As a meohtr of three water birth babies (two born at home) I absolutely love Business of Being Born! You did such a great job of presenting the tough facts without seeming judgmental of OBs, hospitals, and medical birth interventions. I have recommended that film to so many, and am currently reading your book. Can’t wait to see the great discussions that will surely ensue here. Welcome aboard!

      • I loved the Business of Being Born. I think I may have even blogged about it here, but it’s all a blur at this point. I’m linookg forward to a glimpse of life with older kids. Though I’ll keep my hands over my eyes as I read, because I don’t really want to know. Not yet. Welcome.

  31. THE GREATEST SO FAR.. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRICELESS

  32. Over 48,000 downloads!!

  33. definitely one of the best. redman is the mufuckin nigga. jersey!

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  34. good show, but wish it was just redman and meth or just busta so as to go deep

  35. Hell yea-This’ll do.

  36. def one of the greatest episodes. i wish you guys asked redman who “rocafella” was that rhymed on redmans second album.

  37. 50,000+ downloads!

    “keep goin, free” – jay-z

  38. Great show! Bravo! Can we PLEASE here that last story about Meth and Busta in the 4-Runner!?

  39. Crazy episode
    Thank you guys !

  40. I just had a crazy brainwave yo..

    Didn’t Busta say he hasn’t dun a Pete Rock track for his own project?

    Whaat? he must of forgot about his own album.. Genesis from 2001.. Shut ‘Em Down 2002 was a Pete Rock track.. albeit a remixed Public Enemy instrumental, but it still counts.. check the credits people!

  41. This J.EP was not one of the best to me. Busta added the best moment with his Janet’s ass being worth the video budget. Overall, it was a 3 and out.

  42. That was great! Red and Meth need to get their own podcast! Kinda a weird moment when Meth was saying that Ghost shouldn’t be in the conversation when discussing the greatest MCs. I wonder what’s going on there????

  43. Peace…

    This was a Classic Ciph!



    Knowledge Build Allah

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