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Happy Monday party people… Today we talked about swine flu taking its first victim in NYC, the box office numbers with “Angels and Demons”, Martin Scorcese doing a flick about my hero Frank Sinatra with Johhny Depp possible being casted as the lead, Mase and DMX reunited, Eminem on Tim Westwood show in the U.K.,
and rounded it off with some sports talks.

Plus I was supposed to dj Tahiry’s birthday party last night at the sofa lounge in the BX, but it was kinda light so I didn’t play. But I did get to meet Tahiry and she is a very sweet young lady, and mad humble. I wish her the best. Plus there was definitely some fine ass “dancers” in there including friend of the show Ashley Logan. Overall, great night.

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- Cipha Sounds</p

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10 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 5/18/09”

  1. Thanks Ciph.
    putting this on the ipod and headed to the gym…

  2. “i need a zoomable pic” of the middle tahiry photo. .make it happen!

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