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Ok party people,  this is not gonna be a full five course meal of Juan Epsteiness, but it’s definitely a quick drive thru meal. We have Tailor made and “IT” I Love Money 2 and I Love New York for one part, then 2 comedians that were part of my birthday comedy show. Big shout to Kojo & Jason Andors

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- Cipha Sounds

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  1. Louis Diaz you are the Man !

  2. @ Random : First of all, it’s Luis.. secondly, thanks.

  3. i was just wondering where my nigga Juan Epstein went – thanks for finding him!

    your last more fire mix was ill, Ciph. good to hear you enthused about music!

  4. that’s what i’m talking about. thanks.

  5. thanks eh.

    Can we get a Juan Ep with Rick Ross? That would be Bawse!

  6. Hilarious Ciph!!

  7. listened to the first half on the way to work – that nigga It is the most realest, ignorant nigga I’ve heard speak in a while. I respect his honesty, but yo… keeping open condoms in his sock? letting his wife sleep with his niggas? letting his daughter run train, “as long as she use condoms”?!?!?!

    wow. just, wow.

  8. Thanks. About time dammit.

  9. AHH finally here, i knew i was having a bad day for a good reason, thank you cipa

  10. get gervais on juan ep, hes in new york half the time. sure he’d love to come up to hot 97 in the black tee

  11. both parts were fuckinh hilarious. “aids dodgeball”??!!

    If Peter gets his dick sucked backwards I want to hear about in on Jaun Ep

  12. seriously, we’ve needed this. having you guys subbing in for big boy was clutch, but nothing compares to a good ol’ juan ep. this shit is mad fucking laughs.

  13. Another classic. Thanks ciphanberg
    “she was bout… Hmmm… Like 80% sleep!”

  14. im not gunna lie i wasn’t really feelin it, its a “just listen to once juan ep”, still thanks for the post

  15. its worth it just for It’s remedial tendencies. the end was cool until it got to what i heard on the show before.

  16. CIph, you are the fuckin man. Thanks for the daily drops and the new Epstein. Kojo’s story had me rolling- Can’t beat two rape stories in one Juan Epstein.


  18. The first half, I had my mouse pointed to the delete button. The second part with the comedians saved this podcast.

  19. I gotta agree w mr. glasses on this one. But thanks Ciph!

  20. not to mention two rape stories i one hour. Fucking great. It and Tailor Made are so dumb its funny.

  21. This shit is fucking hilarious.

  22. The comics were hilarious.

  23. Haha, great show, IT is fucking crazy. I would let my daughter get the train ran on her, FUCKING HILARIOUS!!

  24. that noise he makes after rosenberg asks him “whats the biggest joint you ever hit” is classic

  25. Back to back rapings, sexual assaults and cucumbers warmed to near body temperature in a microwave.

    You guys are back on top again!

  26. If you don’t mind me saying, there is one man alive in the universe that would take Juan Ep to a greater even more legendary status.

    That one man is giving interviews now.

    That one man is Iron Mike Tyson.

  27. What I learned listening to this Juan Epstein.

    1) After serious consideration I in absolutely in no way NEVER EVER EVER EVER want to be ANYWHERE near the “Bubbie”. Sounds like a BAD case waiting to happen with a lot of HIGHLY pausable situations happening.

  28. man, that first dude was hilarious!!!! what show are they from? not sure we get it here in the uk…
    but dude is crazy!!!!! i was crackin up!!!
    big up Kojo reppin the uk too…
    of course Juan Ep…
    ‘…nah, we use condoms…’



  31. this was funny, I don’t care what nobody say….. lol @ “IT” having a lawyer

  32. Kojo: “I’m a Superstar in London” = Fuck outta here… Don’t get GASSED!!!!!!!!!

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