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Vibe released their list of top 50 Hip-Hop blogs…

27. Don’t Get Gassed.


Shout out to Deck for the heads up.  Full list with just one click.

1. Nah Right
2. Kanye’s Blog
3. 2dopeboyz
5. OnSmash
6. You Heard That New
7. Cocaine, Blunts & Hip Hop Tapes
8. Ill Doctrine
9. Rumors
10. RapRadar
12. The Smoking Section
13. Fake Shore Drive
14. Get Right Music
15. World Star Flip Flop
16. Mixtape Monday
17. H.E.R
18. The Meaning Of Dope
19. The MegatronDon
20. The T.R.O.Y blog
21. The Rap Up
22. Beats and Rants
23. SOHH Blogs
25. Elitaste
27. Don’t Get Gassed
28. Kim Osorio’s Blog
29. Byron Crawford
30. Hip Hop Is Read
31. Fat Lace
32. Notes From a Different Kitchen
33. Nola Bounce
34. Rosenberg Radio
35. Xclusives Zone
37. So Many Shrimp
38. Zilla Says
40. Bust The Facts
41. Uggh,…Nice Watch
42. Maurice Garland
43. Slang Rap Democracy
44. Mista Jam’s Blogs
45. Metal Lungies
46. ThePressPlayShow
47. Prancehall,com
48. Straight Bangin’
49. Passion of the Weiss
50. Twankie & Glisten

- Farragut Foster

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8 Responses to “WHAT’S the INTERNET?”

  1. !!!!! NICE a lil confused but but congrats lol

  2. This is one my favorite blogs I visit everyday uh Kanye’s blog #2 that was kinda generous.

  3. congrats ya doin big things …….. ya woulda been #1 if ya would put more Juan Ep.

  4. How is rapradar top ten???

  5. Isn’t the editor in chief of vibe married to the guy that runs rap radar?

  6. lmao @ I aint one to gossip^^^

    I’ve always had Dontgetgassed as my browser homepage.
    Preciate ya Ciph

  7. Rap radar hasn’t even been up that long(pause)

  8. Um how did that not make the top 50 .. i havent heard of like 30 of these. Siph u rock

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