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“It was a dark and rainy morning…”  No seriously, it’s dark and rainy here in New York City, but that is good for radio. Today we talked some good shit like Wolverine movie number 1 this weekend, Jay-Z performing with Kelly Clarkson and Third Eye Blind, more swine flu updates, Nas cheating on Kelis with some woman from Virginia, the book about A-Rod and him using steroids since high school. The book also talked about him being a horrible tipper, especially at hooters, so we asked the listeners if they know of any celebrities that are horrible tippers, and you won’t believe which celebrities were called out. Let’s get this shit poppin, we got a big week ahead of us.

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- Cipha Sounds

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7 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENEBERG: 5/4/09”

  1. Thanks for the post Ciph…another solid show in the can! Any word on the whereabouts of our beloved Juan Epstein?

  2. Gotta agree with Rosenberg, Third Eye Blind SUCKS! That shit ain’t even rock, straight pop.
    thanks for the show, guess big boy’s back.

  3. Can we at least get a juan ep monthly?

  4. Yo CIPHA WTF?!?!?! y the fk is big boi still on the mornins here? i swear if it wuznt for u guys i wouldnt evn put hot 97. shit is so unfunny. they like the total opposite of funny. luther luffeigh? really? thats wut ebro has us listein to? come the fk on!!! id ratehr listen 2 nails on a blackboard or the off cue beyonce tape from the today show on repeat.

  5. These dudes done got comfortable. Cipha is still Cipha and That’s cool but rosenberg is Working on Becoming everything he was so against @ 1st. Maybe cipha is too. Either Way-you 2 muthafucka’s is Gassed. What happened to -“I still ride the Train just to stay chiseled and to remind myself that I ain’t shit and could lose it at any time”?

  6. holy shit this show is fucking WACK now

    ur both fucking gassed

  7. Third Eye Blinds self titled album is fucking classic. Fuck Rosenberg’s fake rock knowledge, just because hes white doesn’t mean he knows shit about rock, tell him to listen to The Pharcyde and stfu.

    Another decent show, I obviously liked when you guys get more talk breaks, but ehhh. Keep it up

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