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(Kim Kardashian with and without make up)

Another classic people… I must say, it really doesn’t get any better than this. Today we Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg talked about People magazine’s 100 most beautiful people and Kim Kardashian talking about her “UN”perfections, the update on the swine flu pandemic, Rick Ross’s baby mama putting out the book with 50 cent, and theĀ  Chris Brown trial delay again. Big things on the show today were Irv Gotti’s show coming back on VH1 and the crazy arrangement he has with his wife, we had the return of the Wilbur the loose pig in the studio, and the issue of “Boyfriend number 2″. The whole concept is crazy and the ladies spoke out saying it’s all good, they need side pieces as well. Listen and let me know what you think. And any other feedback you might have is much appreciated.

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- Cipha Sounds

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32 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 4/30/09”

  1. Thanks Ciph!

    Also, check out this pic:


  2. Peace Ciph, where can i get that Jeremih “birthday sex” remix you’ve been playing??

  3. wow she looks like any regular Armenian chick you see walking around Glendale.

  4. “Listen and let me know what you think. And any other feedback you might have is much appreciated.”

    whoa ciph! you actually care what us blog commenters have to say now?

    Kardashian without makeup? I’d still smiddididdididashhh.

  5. Ciph always care bout us and im mad proud of the show your all doing congrats, thanks for the post ,pce.

  6. PM pete nice is always so negative…lol. jus fkn around…holla ciph…eff big boi let him stay out…

  7. not being negative, i just remember ciph & rosenberg saying they don’t let blog comments affect anything in their lives.

  8. nah PM…i got u. messin around!!! hows the bar goin?

  9. Dope show once again.

    All of us are clearly really enjoying this stint of extended shows and more talk breaks. It makes me not miss the old format as much, because u guys get more airtime now to do ya thing.

    Oh yeh, props to Rosenberg for picking up on my Shawny quotes verbatim, at the 86th minute mark. I felt like i added sumthing to todays show coz of it.

  10. Yo can Hot 97 play “Dead and Gone” a couple more times per hour? Maybe like 8 or 9 times an hour? Definitely not hearing it enough.


  11. Thanks fer the show Ciph. Good ish as always. Even though the main course may be good, sometimes a good ol side dish of mash potatoes does the trick. Peace.

  12. lmao @ rhp…u right…they dont play it quite enuff.

  13. Dope show Ciph. I really like the way Miss Info sounds with you guys, its a nice balance. Not to be too douchey or pushy, you guys should really do another Juan Epstein just to talk about how far off you guys are from getting the full time morning show spot, because the show is sounding tight. And as an avid listener it sounds like Ebro is letting you guys have a little trial by fire instead of playing a “best of” big boy show.

    Always, Thanks for the upload!

    • I think they should just do another Juan Ep in general. I’d be supremely shocked if Ciph talked about getting the Morning Show before it was confirmed via press release.

      I agree w/ the trial by fire.

  14. i agree with deck. i’ve always enjoyed the show, but adding miss info gives it an even better balance. plus she’s also funny.

    i think ciph, rosenberg, info, rico & shawnee culture is it. E-bro needs to stop sleepin & make this the main morning show.


  16. I agree with young pas this is what they should be doing in the morning it’s hilarious. I agree with rosenberg I hate carmen too video vato is way more funny

  17. i’ll co-sign as well, keep miss info on the show once you guys get the

    main morning show.

    keep doing it live!

  18. kardashian could still get the bozack without makeup

  19. Love miss info, nice touch.
    Carmen is funny as hell.

    lmao @rhp ‘dead and gone’ comment’

  20. Another great show in the can Ciph! Lmao @ Khal using the word bozack….I thought I was the only who used that word after ’92!

  21. lol yo you get props for flippin’ classic hip-hop slang.

  22. I only like whn Carmen says “favulous”. Video Vato is better though

  23. @MO : I will post the “birthday sex” uptempo remix soon.

  24. @ PRIME MINISTER PETE NICE : Why u saying that? I always want your opinions and feedback. do I not seem like I do? enlighten me.

  25. @ PRIME MINISTER PETE NICE : Im saying I wouldnt let blog comments Ruin my life or my day, but I definitely wanna know what yall think.

  26. @ WordUp : word up wordup, we appreciate you catching all that for us. hhhaaa hhhaaaaa

  27. @ciph

    not a problem homie, ya’ll should get Shawny to spazz out more often, it’s all da way entertaining.

    Another Shawny quotable, wen he sed ”i believe the pig is a blasphemous beast!”.. hahah say word!

  28. @captaincornball – i was gonna say Persian girls over in Westwood but you got the Glendale Galleria too!

    IMHO she looks good without makeup and i’d smash
    ya’ll gotta remember, someday…you gotta wake up to someone next to you everyday…it might as well be someone who looks good without the packaging and with.

  29. with or without make up, kardashian still has a fat ass

  30. tria laser hair removal…


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