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Big tings ah gwan, Big Boy is out of town so we got fill in and get it poppin.

Today we spoke about “Pig Flu”, Jay-Z album and if its ever coming out, Sean Paul album, Beenie Man taking a stance on domestic violence and then grinding on Rihanna on stage, the planes flying so close to the statue of liberty and buildings in Jersey, Fab dissing Maino, Prince conspiracy theories, ¬†popeyes running out of chicken, and a bunch of other stuff. ¬†Plus u get the mix and Miss Info. Can’t beat that.

Click here to listen & download

- Cipha Sounds

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15 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 4/29/09”

  1. My Lawd!!!!!!!!Where are the white people! You mean to tell me no white person came to the drive thru? Asian at least damm….My people. ” I can’t feed my kikds tonight.”
    One word…….Cook LOL

  2. damn yo.. the sound faded out at the 1h 30m mark..WTF! any1else get that problem or just me?

  3. yesss i heard you on today but i figured you wouldnt post cant wait to listen..THANKS for the post

  4. Damn it does fade out. It was lookin like a good show tho. Hope these are test runs for when yall get the full morning show. Keep it up .

  5. thanks for posting. a shame we can’t hear the bulk of the show.

  6. I appreciate the try and still love this shit

  7. monday my sis was in the dj webstar/jim jones vid. ill get her digits for you ciph lol

  8. yo the show cuts off at 1:30… what happened ???????

  9. Miss Info should be added to your show full time.

  10. I thought maybe it faded out cos the “Man” heard you talkin about the plane chemicles………I also noticed it faded as soon as Rosenberg started talkin so at first I thought my brain was shutting down cos he talks mostly crap.

    Either way it sucks.


  11. Chemicals*

    Prince is nuts.

  12. fads out soon as things got controversial

  13. its a conspiracy… Juanito is working for da MAN

  14. correction: D-MAN.

  15. That ghetto beast talking about ” how i’m supposed to feed my kids” When did it become popeyes responsibilty to nourish your children. Driving that big ass truck, tryin to get some cheap chicken!! Go to Mcdonalds!

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