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This basically the full video of Drake freestyling on Funkmaster Flex show.  A small piece was out last week as a teaser but this is the whole thing. Flex is nuts man. Drake had the city on smash last night.

- Cipha Sounds

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  1. Hmm….

    Where I come from (Toronto), “freestyling” doesn’t mean reading writtens off your blackberry. Just saying.

    That said, I’m not hating on this kid’s swag and I hope he does well.

    Toronto, stand up!

  2. I don’t see all the fuss.. what’s so good about Drake anyway???

  3. Listen..

    I liked, no I love “So far gone”
    That mixtape to me is > a lot of albums that came out the last few years (what’up Jim Jones)
    i think this boy is sick and he there’s no question that he’s talented.
    But I WILL NOT, I repeat I WILL NOT accept this sorry, overhyped, “freestyle” right here.
    I know off the dome freestyle is a damn near a HipHop Bigfoot now a days, but most people try to fool us by memorizing the lyrics
    This was horrible, and Ciph did him a favor by cutting of the parts where he was stuttering and trying to find out what to do
    This was wack! even the punchlines were mediocre at best.
    If it wasn’t for Flex hyping it up and throwing bombs everywhere well, let’s just say, he can only go up from here.

    But really step up ya game homie, there enough young up and coming rappers (currensy, Mickey Facts etc) that would love the shine this dude is getting, but it feels like he’s slacking

  4. Damn this show had this many downloads:

    Downloads: 14923

    now put up another juan ep!!!

  5. Not bad, but if it wasnt for the Lil’ Wayne co-sign he wouldn’t be buzzin like he is. And I’ve never seen anyone rhyme from their phone on a freestyle..Ciph, I wouldn’t had even co-signed this vid and posted it.

    • haha, it’s funny to me ’cause just watching this it makes me really think like ‘this dude is really fealing himself’
      with the “OW”s! and all those “I killed it” sounds that rappers make when they think they said something groundbreaking and profound
      And let’s be real, you can’t call this a freestyle, a shotdown or whatevah they’re calling it
      I don’t care how hard Flex screams
      Come on now,
      you know what a ShotDown is..
      These right here!!!!:

  6. He’s dressed like Asher Roth too, where’s his swaggage?

  7. Yo. This kid Drake is the best to ever do it! Even KRS-1 can’t touch him.Drake is officially the GOAT of ‘freestyling’.

  8. This guy was on a CHILDREN’S TV SHOW.

    fuck outta here with this bullshit.

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