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Ok, this is not good. I’m like a walking zombie right now. I was out last night with Pharrell in studio listening to new N.E.R.D. album. Man, when I tell you that was some fire shit. They make some Crazy F#cking music.

On today’s show we talked about swine flu, swine flu, and some more swine flu. They cancelled the premiere of the Wolverine movie in Mexico because they don’t want to put any employees in “harm’s way”. We also talked about the rumor of DMX being on the new season of Celebrity Rehab being totally false. This is why I hate reporting rumors. And then shit got crazy when Rosenberg brought a live pig in the studio and it got crazy. Chaos and Mayhem.  Enjoy the show.

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18 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 4/28/09”

  1. did pharrell really get his tats removed? thanks for the post

  2. ciph….never play Lady Gaga ever again on Hot 97. I don’t care if Kardinal is in the song, but save that shit for Ryan Secrest and Z100

  3. oh shit, that last part with Wilbert the Pig was radio gold!

    Shawny had quotes for days..

    ”you’re buggin, son”
    ”get the pig out the damn room!!!”
    ”this is a radio station!!!”

    and the greatest 1
    ”i’m about to hit this damn pig with my chair, that’s my word!!”

    hilarious ending!
    If u listen closely, I think you can even hear Jen from Brooklyn buggin’ out in the background.. LOL

  4. ciph did you really say shit in the beginning!?

  5. Wilbur’s appearance was pure gold. Nice work Rosenberg.

  6. Lol…I think Wilbur should be on the next JUAN EP so we can get an inside look at this swine flu madness!!!

  7. Im speechless, i think that pig topped everything that ever happened on this show. Hope Rosenberg doesnt get fired and that Shawnys cool but, that was amazing. Thanks for the post PCE

  8. Good shit once again!!!! quik question ciph> how u broke ur boy june & remo song but dont play it on ur mixes. been a min. Oh n i thnk u should find a way 2 put hiway to the danger zone in one of the mixes…shit it is ur show n ur mix. eff who dont rock wit it!!!

  9. hahahahaah, that ending was fantastic radio. Though I’d be surprised if Rosenberg doesn’t get a ton of shit for bringing a pig into the studio.

    Ciph, is Juan Ep in a coma? Where should we send flowers and get well cards to? I hope that funny Sonofabitch pulls through soon and gets back with the funnny.

  10. Best ending to the show you guys have ever done. It was like ‘War Of the Worlds’ but with pigs.

  11. Now, that ending was great radio!!!
    Good job once again guys.


  12. After I am seeing all of these great comments, I feel bad for callin’ the Lady Gaga out. I know you just doing what you have to do. Otherwise, this was a great show. You was sayin’ some crazy shit in the beginning. Wilbur should be the station pet during this swine epidemic. You should love swine instead of turtles. One last thing, where the hell is Juan-Ep? Is it dead until the politcs of

  13. 395 hudson street are over. I am hoping yall take over Big Boy’s spot. Shit is wack

  14. lol the ending was funny this is turning into a sitcom its like at the end you shoulda had tune in tomorrow to see what happend..yall are crazy…juan ep got the swine flu get well soon

  15. My Laaawd this end was epic l LOL
    We need a Shani VS Wilbur part II

  16. WHAT THE FUCK!!! @ the Wilbur the pig bit!! You guys are trying to get me fired from mi lickle corp desk job!!! That was the funniest fucking shit ever!!!! Other than the time Roesenberg said he was going to slap you on air and as soon as you said “SLAP ME NOW!!!” and he stuttered and back down…HAHA!! But yeah…that was fucking FUNNY!!!! GREAT WORK and please tell me someone video taped it!!???

  17. Funny show Ciph! BRING BACK JUAN EP my ninja!!!!! (please)*

  18. Shit was funny as hell…yall def need that main morning show time slot. Does Juan EP really have the swine flu? Hope he pulls thru. One Volume!

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