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Despite the Swine Flu running around New York, I feel great. Usually I feel horrible on a Monday but for some reason I have mad energy this morning. I guess it could be that I am delirious from sleep derivation. Whatever, let’s get it poppin

Today show was smooth sailing. We talked about Lil Wayne on The View,  The Swine Flu, Eminem and DMX on drugs, and the pasing of a T.V. hero… Bea Arthur from the Golden Girls passed away on Saturday. R.I.P.  Thanks for the support, I appreciate it.

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- Cipha Sounds

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9 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 4/27/09”

  1. props Ciph!

  2. Appreciate your dedication to the fans Ciph! Good lookin’…the morning show and Juan Ep have me laughing on the reg!

  3. RIP Bea Arthur.

    RIP Juan Ep also??

  4. Thanks for the fast post ciph, no mention of Ashers “Twittergate” on todays show huh???

  5. I think they need to kick Wack ass big boy off and put u guys on all morning i can’t stand the big boy morning show.

    • I hate Big Boy morning show – it’s rubbish. Please do something you and Rosenberg need to take over the show your show is brilliant but I can’t get up that early to listen.

  6. @ Crispy Laces: you know Rosenberg is not gonna talk bad about his boy. But I dont think what he said was malicious or racist. He was just making a joke cause he was on the rutgers campus.

    • If it was a joke or not to completely ignore one of the biggest stories (hip hop wise) from the weekend because it involves his boy is type lame, no shots, but it would have been interesting to hear ciph and rosenbergs take on it, i don’t know, whats good with a new Juan Ep???

  7. I think i’d jump off a bridge if i lost 30 mill. lol, thanks cipa

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