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It’s the battle of the century. Both artist have albums out this week and we are gonna see what they do in the stores, but happens when we put them face to face?? You can’t get this anywhere else, this is what I do.

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12 Responses to “ROSS vs. ROTH”

  1. Do sumthin’ Crazy !!! haaaaaaaaaaa

  2. That little pussy Asher Roth is on some Don Imus ish!

    White people are gettin outta hand nowadays. I feel like smackin this white boy’s head off who’s sitting beside me right now as I type this….

  3. yo ciph that is the funniest shit. its cool ross actually did that. shows he has a sense of humor although we all knew he did since he keeps joking how he finishd 50 (the MONKEEEEE….lol)

  4. lol.. yes more videos like this from Hot 97..

    Jada one was killer.. and this is one is jokes

  5. drewski is doing the damn thing!

  6. jen from brooklyn unveiling? i’m just guessing she was the asian chick next to asher.

  7. this is maad funny i first saw it on 2dopeboys, but was that rico wearing a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt under a long sleeve shirt (family guy), lol

  8. Dope video both albums are fire. You guys are doing your thing keep up the good work.

  9. hey ciph, jus to clarify this is not a joke. I used to be (and still kinda) a fan of hiphop and all that stuff.

    I just wanted to invite you to islam. Ciph before you disguard this as another bs religion think about it.

    -this is not the 5%ers(i think u used to be) but real orthodox islam, which malcolm x accepted in the last year of his life.

    -The belief in one God (Allah). Jesus is not God, son of God. but a prohet like moses teaching the people the same things, the way to one God. Prophet Muhammed is the last of these prophets.

    -The religious holiday Eid is based on a pilgrimage made by abraham and as nothing to do with commercial bs.

    -Islam, validates,torah and Bible as valid previous revelations which were specificed for a particular people and time. The Quran is the last of these revelations.

    -That is why the bible and the torah you see today have been changed, re-written and corrupted. They were only sustained for a period of time. The original texts are no longer in existence. Only the quran is the last remaining text which has never been changed for over 1400 years and never will be because it is designed to last until the end of time.

    Regards ppl

    p.s read between the line…

  10. Remember when artists used to do songs with hooks. I mean, of course, them singing it themselves. And they had 2 or 3 features.
Deeper Than Rap… 14 songs… I heard each and every song twice.

    The only song with Ross on the hook alone, is #14 “In Cold Blood”.

    On song #12 “Face ft. Trina”, Ross and Trina on the hook.

    Only 3 songs without features on the entire album. If you get the bonus 15th song on (iTunes)…#15 Cigar music It has a feature and Ross not on the hook.

    My question, if he sold more than anyone or everyone…., Would he be considered, one of the best???

  11. ^^ no way ^^ He can make a dope album but he will never be considered on of the greatest of all time

  12. that was nice and fun

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