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Welcome back party people, we have a show of all shows today. Today we talked about a bunch of shit…         Andre 3000 got caught doing 109 in his porsche and got arrested, some airport drama that I can relate to, and we the the ultimate New York argument.. Yankees vs The Mets. Bllaahhhhkkaaaa!!!!

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- Cipha Sounds

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8 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 3/31/09”

  1. Big up ‘pon de mix Ciph! Thx as always for the download. PEACE

  2. ciph – what the fuck! 90% of that was music. stick a fork in your morning show – its done.

  3. good show, ill be depressed if yall stopped this (juan eps etc.)..THANKS CIPHA

  4. ok folks.

    Real Yankee fans do not pay attention to Met Fans. New Bandwagon Yankee fans diss the Mets/ Met fans.

    Real Met fans do not even pay attention to Yankee fans or even the Yankees!

    one is in the NL one is AL.

    I am a met fan and i can care less about the Yankees.

  5. idk anymore man shit jus aint da same…ya ratingz is goin down quick ciph…ya dont sound da same anymore either…sound like 2 rookiez on radio da vibe is jus different..bring bak da old format man…

  6. Thanks Cipha

  7. yo ciph do some april fools day prank calls 2marow

  8. You must check out these 8 year old children with this positive message for the children of the world.

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