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Sorry this is late, my computer crashed yesterday and I’m freaking out. Some crazy russian dude said he would be able to fix it so lets all pray. Anyway, here is the latest episode of your favorite podcas…. Juan Epstein. You know what it is.

Click here to listen and download

- Cipha Sounds

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  1. This is that Crack! It’s been a long time since you did one like this and this was just hilarious.

  2. dam, I wouldn’t mind letting her sit on my face

  3. this episode was hilarious. classic material

  4. Classic!!! Thanks

    It’s funny to see Ciph and Rosie getting along and not beefing.

  5. I heart you guys…thanks for a classic Juan Ep to get me through my workday

  6. Classic. Great Stuff

  7. def was a classic.. i said on rosenbergradio i might be the only one but i prefer the solo juan eps, thanks for all the post

  8. Great Thank You

    can we have the end of the SHOW ? like it is cut in the middle of the conversation with the girl???


  9. your old man wheezy new york laugh is fucking classic ciph

    love this ep

  10. do lonely island listen to Juan Ep?
    I’M ON A BOAT!

  11. rolf i did the typewriter her

  12. HI CIPHER.


  14. This totally makes up for the fact that you guys took a week off.

  15. fuckin hysterical stories!!! cant stop laughing..gotta love prime 112

  16. cheese and peas she sounded cute as hell.

  17. 1 of the best!….LOL and i looked up ernest borgnine right after you said it and then you said people are probably googleing i felt like a douche bag! but good juan ep need more like this

  18. Great Juan Ep!

  19. I googled Ernest Borgine and fell the fuck out LMAO….Ciph ur freaking nuts!! Great Job guys!

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