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Sorry for the late post guys. Cipha’s computer crashed. Ciph & Rosenberg talked about all that hot sh*t this morning. They went through the list of most influential people, 50 Cent getting the boot from the Stallone movie, the WABC Newsreporter that got killed during gay sex gone bad… and Jen and John’s breakup thanks to Twitter… so sad. FEAR THE TWEET PEOPLE. FEAR THE TWEET.

Click here to listen and download.

- Farragut Foster

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11 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 3/25/08”

  1. Props!

  2. !! and a new juan feels good

  3. Thanks for the update guys!

  4. “Every day, George Lopez? Jesus, man….”


  5. good look sean.

  6. whoa Twitter is the shit but I think it’s like the gift and the curse

    Dope Juan Ep as usual and Hilarious

  7. ur right, twitter IS the gift & the curse! I still don’t see the appeal for people who don’t have something to promote tho..

    aanyway.. checkin the show now!

  8. missed this one for some reason – thanks!

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