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I’m back baby and better than ever…. Today we talked about Michael Jackson getting crazy with Harry Potter, Dr Dre, 50 cent, and Eminem doing a video in vegas based on the movie “Rain man”, Chris Brown feeling bad, MTA prices going up all around the city… shit sucks.  Jimmy Fallon was on the show talking about the new late night spot. You know how we do…

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- Cipha Sounds

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17 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 3/24/08”

  1. welcome back, ciph!

  2. Finally woooohooo, where have you been? I live in london so obviously i cant listen on the radio, i assume you havent been on there then? Has Rosenberg been flying solo or what?

  3. no video vato, no senseless survey, none of the things that used to make me spit my coffee all over my computer at work – from laughing so hard. In the whole hour, i laughed once – Rosenberg ” have you heard of Asher Roth”, Rico “no one has”. Whoevers responsible for the structure change needs shooting, ciph the mixes are great but i hate to break it to you, its not the reason i avoid college work to listen to you guys. SORT IT OUT – even if this requires false accusations of murder towards BIG BOI – so you guys can have his spot.

  4. that blame it / down for my n’s blend is the shit!

  5. o thank goodness

    missed y’all

  6. khal +1 on that!

    ciph – any new ted smooth blends out?

  7. yeaaaaaaaaaaah

  8. Complaining about the new format is now senseless this is waaaaay better than not having a hip hop/comedy show for us “underdogs”. So for coming back and posting, THANK YOU..(im starting to feel gassed but o’well) PEACE CIPHA.

  9. Weclome back Ciph. Can we get some showdown with Cipha Sounds? I love the TV trivia segment is that axed also with the new format?


  10. mr. glasses – point taken.

  11. man…this truely bums me out….what happened to yall…i stuck wit yall since the 1st show,,now i must say,i’m so much happier i went back to listenin to stern, u guys blew it…someone got gassed

    bring back the old format or a shitload of juan eps

  12. Welcome back. Thanks for posting

  13. this is all Rico’s fault isn’t it?

  14. Did the format change? I catch it on line when I can but it seems like you guys cut out a lot of stuff or you guys just don’t add it to the z share links. Like the face offs with cipha and stuff like that. I still like the show just less laughing. lol

  15. Seeing the Roots on Jimmy Fallon was amazing! ?uestlove is soooo sexxxay! Loved it!

  16. @ Tat yes the format changed but Ciph says they’ll put out more Juan Eps now and to be patient.

    Heads up- Rosie just posted the new Juan Ep on his site!!! Yesssssssssss

  17. Someone definitely got gassed taking the best features out of the show! Sorry Ciph, but this really isnt working for your core

    Oh well, all good things must come to an end…

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