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I don’t know if Optimum Trip Play is a NYC thing or what but when ever I see their commercials I don’t know if the jokes on me or the actors in them.  This is their latest one [for optimum viewing pleasure, please watch with the sound off].

There are so many funny moments in this sh*t I don’t know where to start…

The stare of death @ 00:04

The Elvis shimmy @ 00:10.

The poltergeist head rock @ 00:11

The “psyche your mind” backflip @ 00:29

The Soulja Boy Robocop @ 00:43

Props to anyone that can find the rest… there are atleast 5 more.

I don’t know if I can give this ad the crown yet though, this CLASSIC TRIPLE PLAY AD may have it beat.

- Farragut Foster

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16 Responses to “ROCK OUT w/ YOUR C*CK OUT”

  1. come on cyph dont forget the old school papi salsa joint.

  2. in these hard times people will do anything to pay the bills

  3. @ 00:37 my man looks thuggish trying to throw some gang like this classic video video

  4. No wax on Wednesday this week? That’s my favorite part of your blog

  5. wheres my favorite talk show @?

  6. What’s up Cipha?
    Has Rosenberg rubbed off on you, no pause, to the point where your too lazy to post the shows? Or?
    I guess it was good while it lasted but shiiiiiiit.. Wha Wha Wh What the Fuck!? We need you..
    Thank you for everything you have done & I hope your recording the Don’t get gassed comedy shows for a dvd release… i’d buy that for a dollar.. What movie is that line from? CHALLLENGE!!! If you don’t know that, you don’t deserve the crown. bah!
    Post the shows again PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAS!!

  7. they were on vacation last week so thats why we didnt get the shows. hopefully today we’ll get something though.

  8. Nah DJ Envy said via Twitter that he was on his way to fill in for Cipha this morning so no show today.

  9. Since no one else said it… That chick could get it.

  10. i’d buy that for a dollar.. Is from Robo Cop..

  11. triple play is def not nyc specific. we get cablevision in jersey too. ct, too, i believe

  12. what the fuck ciph, put the morning show up on the blog every morning after it airs, so I can get through traffic without; driving, changing my ipod tracks, and yelling at dumb drivers. Your show’s much better then big boys to my ears and its already a ny classic to me.

  13. don’t be a douche.

  14. Sam Grimmer Takes The Crown!!!!!!!

  15. Cipha, Forgive my insolence.

  16. Your analysis definitely goes above and beyond what people take from this commercial. Mind-blasting!
    In keeping with the motif, I offer you the IO Digital Cable reggaeton song I recorded from TV. I play it when people request reggaeton

    at 320, tagged and with cue points

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