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Who Watches the Watchmen?


I’ve been going back and forth with people about this all weekend. I liked the movie but I know a couple of people that thought it was wack. Critics said that “true Watchmen fans” are likely to be disappointed and non-fans are gonna feel that the subject matter is a little dated. I liked the long complicated story, I even thought they could have pulled a “Kill Bill” and stretch it out over two movies. Other people are saying that it was drawn out and boring.

The graphic novel was a little before my time, by ’86 I hadn’t really gotten into comic books like that yet (i was still trying to get my piss in that big cylinder bowl) but I did read up on it before I watched the movie (with all the press, how could you not) so I kind of knew what I was getting myself into. Now after seeing the sh*t I definitely wanna check out the comic… but that’s me. What do you think?

- Farragut Foster

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13 Responses to “Who Watches the Watchmen?”

  1. I didnt like this movie, the politics confused the hell out of me (i hate politics) and the commercial made it look like the comedian was in it the whole time. Zack Snyder directed this and also 300 the movie i hate more than politics, it def. went over my head.

  2. The opening sequence set the tone of the movie: long and boring. I felt like the movie was hyped the wrong way and was expecting a little more action, rather than a naked dialogue. Everytime people started fighting I thought OK, now the movie will pick up, but it didnt, it just got boring again.

    I also felt like I was watching Sin City.

  3. @ T Money – I fell asleep while watching Sin City. I told myself one of these days I’d give it another a try. Yeah, sometimes I be lying to myself.

  4. The thing is I really wanted to enjoy watchmen, I was all about going to see the movie, i just felt disappointed at the end.

    sometimes movies just cant capture the experience when reading the book, maybe if it wasn’t so exact to the detail it would have been better

  5. it was friggin wack. ruined my b day goin to see that ish. i think the whole world peace thing was wack. they should have done the whole movie on the back story. those were the best parts. on top of that dude from the blue man group had his schloong slanging around. jus glad i didnt go to the imax to see it. no need to see that in 3 d

  6. All my hardcore nerd friends hated the movie, and they said they butchered it to death. I hadn’t read the book and I kind of liked it. It was worth my 9 bucks. Hey, who are you Farragut Foster?

  7. I watched it even though i’m not into comics. It was straight, just mad long.

    Pause. I fell asleep for 15 minutes, then got back into it. (R.I.P. Biggie Smalls)

    Smoke a blunt for the greatest emcee of all time.

  8. I was looking forward to watching this movie for a while now. After watching it last night i gotta say it was very disappointing. Although, Miss Jupiter looked good as hell. She could get it.

    R.I.P to the Real G.O.A.T Biggie Smalls 3/9

  9. I thought Watchmen was great but I am definitely aware that I’m in the minority.

    I liked it because I knew the stories, characters, etc. and enjoyed seeing them brought to life on the big screen. The problem is that only reason I care is because I loved the graphic novel. If you haven’t read the novel, the movie itself gives you no reason to care about the stories and characters. The other problem is if you have read the novel, you probably care a little too much and will be upset when you see your favorite aspects of the book butchered.

  10. Read the book…

    I haven’t seen the movie but i will

    R.I.P to the greatest this day is so bittersweet because it’s my birthday and big died a day like today

  11. Who watched The Watchmen? Probably the same people who watched The Spirit…..

  12. The movie looked cool, but it was a little drawn out. They definately publicized it as a regular comic book movie when it wasn’t.

  13. I loved this movie … I thought it was amazing

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