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Hey we are back and better than ever… (yeah right).  Anyway, today we talked about a woman that called 911 because she didn’t get her chicken mcnuggets or a refund. We also talked about Usher talking shit about Chris Brown. And we also talked about a poll taking on AOL about which celebrity would you like to hang out with… I said George Lucas. Boom, enjoy the show.

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- Cipha Sounds

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44 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 3/4/09”

  1. The link doesn’t work. I’m sure the Zshare is fine, but the “click here to listen and download” section isn’t actually a link.

    Thanks for posting the shows though. They get me through work!

  2. nigga you slackin

  3. wtf?

  4. damn ciph. sound to me like rosenberg called off three straight days to cry about his ex. plus rumor has it you were spotted in a 24 hr mcdonalds with a Snuggy on ordering big mac @ hourly intervals. lol lol. get on it d bags

  5. ciph you fucked up the link.. what a douche

  6. Thank you Cipha!! Preciate ya!

  7. THANKS CIPH! You the man

  8. YES!!! Happy to hear you guys again. props.


  10. This shit is wack less talk more music who bright idea was this , tell that person the idea is to find a way to keep your job dummy.
    Ciph rosenberg keep your heads up

  11. Goodlooks on the songs been look’n foward to haveing them, check me out on twitter or the space MrBranNu local dj/promoter outta jersey. Love the show ya’ll funny as hell, i got a mix’d personality sorta like the both of you’s. “NO SACK RIDE’N” but hot9 is my favorite fuk’n show on the planet, i would give anything to intern with any of the mix show dj’s. Ilisten to the show all day errr day, even in my sleep my lady be like i be laugh’n in my sleep at some of the shows.

  12. i got to run with charles on this, i avoid afternoon radio due to the trash thats in rotation and now they got you 2 playing more of that crap and talking less…get some podcasts up quick.

  13. I like the new format. Thanks! (But I truly hate the “American Idol” bit)

  14. After listening have to agree with the other dudes. More shitty music less funny talk = loss.
    No longer Jewy Louis & the News I see.

  15. Yeah, this shit is kinda soft fellas. If i wanted to listen to music I’d download it. Ya’ll don’t sound any kind of excited about doing the show in this format. I come here for the funny, so where’s the funny?

  16. Less talk, more music, no dice. I come for the banter between you, Rosenberg and even Rico, and now that appears to be gone. No Jewy Lewis and the News either? Maybe this is just a one episode development. It also seems like you guys lost some energy as well.

  17. I looked at the comments before i streamed this and thought everyone was overreacting, but yeah….this isn’t a good look compared to how the show used to be. I mean, it’s not horrible or anything, but it doesn’t really feel like Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg to me.

  18. Less music, more talk. The main reason I listen to the show is for the comedy.

  19. is this an effort to fill time due to advertisers withdrawing their dough. either way, a horrible idea. though i’m sure the “bright spark” who came up with it is oblivious that he ruined a great show

  20. I hate american idol it sucks!

  21. eff that more music ish only reason people listen is for the talking

  22. thanks for the link fix ciph. Not feeling the new show tho.. Probably great for radio but terrible for us INTERNET SOLDIERS.. Like you said before please get those Juan Ep. shows done to make up for this terrible executive decision made by HOT97..

  23. More talking! All this music takes away from the main reason I listen to your show which is Ciph & Rosenberg. If I wanted to listen to music, I ‘d just listen to my ipod.

  24. woow alot of comments.. i didnt listen yet but thanks for the post i found some happiness today

  25. cipha!?!?!

    LESS TALKING!?!?! WTF!!! thats your bread and butter… IM FROM TEXAS and i get on here EVERY SINGLE DAY just to hear you guys!!

    Was this Ricos idea? was it Ebro?

    ……..The room’s startin to spin real fast… cause of… cause of all the gayness

  26. i doubt it was Rico’s decision – probably a management call. They did just go to a 50 minutes of commercial-free music thing. Sucks that what makes the Ciph & Rosenberg dynamic get cut so short.

    I don’t know Ciph at all, but in listening to the morning show and Juan Ep, I feel like I know him, and I just hope he and Peter use this opportunity to keep their brand going. Or just keep pushing. They ain’t fired, you dig – just gotta make this work for them.

    Good luck, guys. Keep it pushin’!

  27. Yeah, I hope you guys make this work… but from what I know of morning shows, isn’t the whole concept based on having interesting, funny dudes bsing for a couple hours? Keeping the listeners awake, engaged, and most of all not so pissed that they are in traffic at 6 a.m.?

    Plus, you and Peter sound like your spirits are broken or something. Like best friends that had to move desks in 4th grade cause they were talking too much. Ah well, good luck y’all. I’m still gonna check it, but probably not every day like before.

  28. Damn ciph they fucked up the show we wanna hear yall talking ish and rosenberg saying crazy stuff hope yall get back to the old format more talk less music. Yall should make a juan ep about the new format and why u had to change it that would be dope.

    Keep it going ciph

  29. just listened and the ‘new format’ SUX. Now you guys sound like every other FM morning show. Yawn bring back the old. Thank God I have Sirius.

  30. all of the sudden i want mcdonalds…

  31. i agree with everyone else i skip all the music and now it ends like a couple min. sooner it felt like… but none the less everyone is still going to listen..but i hope it does lead to more juan eps.

  32. Probably great for radio but terrible for us INTERNET SOLDIERS..

    man_amazin – March 4, 2009 at 1:45 pm
    Yes, I have to correct myself – better for radio = not so funny.

    but i hope it does lead to more juan eps.

    mr.glasses – March 4, 2009 at 8:22 pm

  33. “Plus, you and Peter sound like your spirits are broken or something. Like best friends that had to move desks in 4th grade cause they were talking too much. Ah well, good luck y’all. I’m still gonna check it, but probably not every day like before.


    great observation. that’s so true.

  34. WTF?????? THIS IS BS!!!!!!! I HATE IT! I dont want to hear all this crappy music! I want to hear a self-loathing peurto rican and a semi-racist jew talk, bullshit and argue!!! This is terrible! shoot Rico, and Ebro and any other Hot 97 douchebag that had a hand in the homicide of my favorite morning show!!!!!!!!!

  35. PS- I expect a Jaun Ep explanation ASAP!!!!!

  36. I’m still upset! (Christian Bale voice) NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!


  38. I enjoyed yesterdays show and I think that after months of Ciph posting the morning show every morning a couple hours after it airs everyone needs to chill out a little bit. There’s probably a reason for the change in format and I’m sure we’ll here all about it on a future Juan Ep.

  39. Hum….I’m really really not convinced by this “new format” …but hey like u said I hope it means more Juan Ep.

  40. Shut up Polar… You are a moron. Its shit and you know its shit. If we wanted to hear music we would iunno listen to music maybe!!

  41. @John Smith, be easy e-thug. I didn’t say it was the greatest change in the world but I thought Ciph and Rosenberg were funny yesterday even though the talk was shorter then usual. I’m not loving the new format (havent listened to todays show) but I’m definitely rolling with Ciph and Rosenberg instead of being a little bitch about it.

  42. i can listen to music on my itunes and everyone already abused those songs weeks ago. enough music already. too much music. more jokes and stupid shit please.

  43. this is bullshit
    i will never listen to hot97 again if they do this

  44. this is garbage

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