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50 cent was on Angie Martinez show on HOT 97 and said some things that 50 didn’t like. Basically she asked if 50 was a BULLY??? No drama or anything but you can see 50 was really trying to defend himself. It’s mad funny.

- Cipha Sounds

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14 Responses to “IS 50 CENT A BULLY???”

  1. toward Kanye, I’d say yes because he knows Ye isn’t gonna respond. Props for the vid, good footage and discussion.

  2. Haaaaa, nice!

    It’s good to see an egomaniac like 50 get sonned.

  3. 50 is outnumbered there no one is taking his side

    lol hilarious discussion!

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  4. watched it again and 50 is kinda funny

  5. Fifs not a bully hes just smarter than the kids who ride the short bus…(myself included lol)

  6. Waow good conversation !

  7. notice when the dude in the background says he is a bully, he reacts um… like a bully. if there wasnt any truth at all to it he wouldnt get so mad.

    • Philip Carr:I loved it! The promo had me looking out for it on Showcase and when I cahugt it over the weekend I was pleasantly surprised at the high grade production value and the stellar acting of the principal characters. The premise while done was given a new spin which made it exciting. I am looking forward to many more episodes and a run of many years. A big bonus for me was learning that it is a Canadian product. Well done, and thanks.

  8. i SANG the ”dot cooooooommmmmm” on the end of that shit…

    Mad funny

  9. 50 is not that hot the game is struggling…

  10. “Aaaaahhhhh You Maddd!” – Cam’ron

  11. This is a great video…. Thanks for sharing!

  12. 50 isnt a bully, imo. fucking funny video!

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