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I remember I was in a studio doing some clean edits for Funkmaster Flex and Prodigy was in the studio next door. I kept hearing this repetitive bass line and asked him what it was. He said he was working on a solo album and this was one of his records. A few months later a bootleg version came out on vinyl and I was banging that shit in the tunnel night club. My boy that used to work at LOUD records and was always at the tunnel and went back to LOUD to tell them the reaction the record was getting. They soon released a record as a MOBB DEEP song but Havoc was only on the hook. Check the drums, they sound much Harder… This shit is fire. Let me know what you think.

Click here to listen & download “QUIET STORM (DEMO VERSION)”

- Cipha Sounds

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  1. good looks on this ciph…i remember when this version was out on mixtapes, i always liked it much better without the new chorus…been loving the wax on wednesdays, keep em coming…peace…

  2. holy shit this is definitely that dj edit before dj edits were dj edits!

    big respect

  3. Respect Cipha – Peace 4 the Knowledge ….FREE P …

  4. That shit was on a DJ Clue years ago been looking for this for years. Good lookin Cipha shits fire straight CLASSIC

  5. oh maaan.. i deleted this from my itunes by mistake.. been lookin for it ever since.. thanks!

  6. Cipha when you get a chance whats good with the Roc Apellas? been waiting forever

  7. I had this on a mix-cd me & my boy made way back when nobody had cd burners and shit was all tapes…Hot New Vol 1 hahah!

  8. Man… You hooked me up. I never heard the demo before. Thanks Ciph.

  9. Man I still got that bootleg wax in my storage somewhere. One less record I have to dig out and rip. thanks cipha…

  10. love this. i was wondering if u might have a copy of neptunes presents famlay???? or any other clipse, neptune, star trak gems

  11. @ bboper: do I have famlay?? I a&r his whole album. I got bangers from famlay. I will get them asap

  12. Mobb were the kings of demo-itus. Stretch used to play a version of “Drop a Gem on ‘Em” that made the hairs on my arms stand up. I gotta ask him to digitize that one! “Street Life” demo with ACD was also amazing.

  13. Blessing for this Ciph, i got this piece of vinyl too, but all my wax is in storage now…(i REFUSE to sell em) you know kids, real life etc…need to put A LOT of shit on Serato….never ending job…

  14. oh, you got Mobb Deeps Young Love? using the Prince sample? if I remember correctly, it was on a bootleg with Orange label…

  15. u got the patty shop demo?

  16. yo ciph re-up the link!!!!PLEASE!

  17. RE UP CIPH!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Reeeeeeeeeeeeee UUUUUUUUUUUUUpppp

    Very please thankyou

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